Top 10 NFL Offenses w/Colin Cowherd’s selections

  1. New Orleans Saints:

Saints had the No. three scoring offense in 2019, and Drew Brees missed five games. Let me repeat that, Saints didn’t miss a beat and managed to crank out the No. three scoring offense with a young, rusty Bridgewater.

Sean Payton utilizes his players better than any other elite head coach, and the Saints added more offensive fire power this off-season.

Put those two things together and seems likely that the team will actually be more productive on the field versus a team like the Browns who’ve squandered their talent and can’t translate it onto the field.

The Ravens, 49ers, and Chiefs were in the same boat as the Saints with a great offense, but I believe in Sean Payton slightly over Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan. Not to mention Drew Brees has the most motivation going into his 20th season and holding one Lombardi trophy to his name.

What about the Chiefs and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes?

The Chiefs QB only missed two games, but they posted 28.2 points per game figure behind the Saints squad. His postseason success and contract were shiny, but the veteran Drew Brees will be healthy, and the Saints improved vastly more than Kansas City this off-season.

New Saints WR Emmanuel Sanders has pro bowl potential across from Michael Thomas and first-round offensive guard, and Caesar Ruiz could improve an o-line that featured three pro bowlers and a 1st team All-Pro-non pro-bowler (Ryan Ramczyk). Not to mention third-round pick TE Adam Trautman who was traded up for and a healthy Kamara.

Yeah, this offense will be very, very scary.

Colin Cowherd’s 1 pick-Kansas City Chiefs:

Colin states that there is no question about it. He’s fixed on the Chiefs boasting the No.1 offense through the talent of Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce.

He went on to say that Reid was a top-two play-caller with Sean Payton. I wouldn’t say that’s exactly true either.

Before Mahomes, Reid’s “20 somewhat years” in the league wasn’t record-breaking without Mahomes, and they looked different without Mahomes on offense in 2019. 

Colin says that “Mahomes is just a baby,” and all of the starters are coming back. Even if Mahomes is very young, the elite quarterback didn’t put out the same numbers last year compared to his first season.

There’s no doubt that the Chiefs will likely be great on offense again and find areas to improve with their first-round running back in all phases.

Yet, the Saints didn’t only have a better offense last year compared to the Chiefs, it’s annual clockwork for the Saints to post a top 3 offense again, not to mention the Saints have their best offense on paper in the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

In the 2019 season, Dallas broke out with the No.1 offense in yards per game. There’s so much reason to believe that they can not only improve but take a massive jump on offense.

Dallas added a wide receiver by the name of Cedee Lamb in the first round. Amari Cooper and Lamb quietly pose one of the best receiver combos heading into the 2020 season.

This WR combo suits Dak Prescott well, and it gives him plenty of hope to bring out a career year in his contract year. There are not many quarterbacks who bet on themselves like Prescott, in an age where they can risk making 25+ million, but end up getting injured.

Dallas has arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, new head coach, great weapons, and top 3 running back, and Prescott is improving as a passer but keeps the sneaky good running ability.

Colin Cowherd’s No. 2 pick- Baltimore Ravens:

 Colin notes how the team ran for 3,300 rushing yards and pointed out how “Lamar was getting better in the 2nd half of the season and posted a passer rating of 130 in the last eight games”.

Except Colin doesn’t account for the playoff game where Lamar significantly struggled and the team’s second-biggest match late in the year against San Francisco, where he also struggled badly. 

Dallas has had their struggles, but the Cowboys are more stout all around, and they took a big jump with adding their prized receiver in the first round. Zeke is noticeably better than Mark Ingram, and Dak should have a career year behind an offensive line that’s better than the Ravens.

The Cowboys had the No.1 overall offense in 2019 and should be even better, and it was the Ravens turn, now Dallas will take that jump with another young up and coming QB.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs offense has loads of potential and their QB could be the best in the league.

I’m not sold on their offense being the best in the league, yet.

Patrick Mahomes had a great postseason, but I’m confident that it wasn’t their game plan to decide to start losing by 20 points in every playoff game, then turn on the gas and come back to win. Their offense might be the most explosive bunch in the league, but that’s not a consistent formula to win.

Mahomes plays Brees and Brady this year, I promise that if those teams are up by 20 points, they won’t lead off the pedal for a second. 

I do have to admit that I like the Cowboys and Saints structure more than the Chiefs.

The Saints have three first-round starters on the line from recent years and another second-round pick (didn’t have the 1st round that year) starting. Dallas went with the same formula a few seasons ago, where they sought to get Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin.

The Cowboys had the No. 1 overall offense in 2019, while the Saints allowed Teddy to step in and go 5-0. These two teams didn’t only get better with weapons this off-season, they can control the game and dominate through their offensive line units.

Colin’s Cowherd’s No. 3 selection- New Orleans Saints:

Colin goes on to say that there’s a “drop off” after the Ravens and before the Saints.

He cites how the Saints pass the ball short and don’t hit the big plays. It’s ironic because he was doubting the Saints offensive ability late in last season for passing it short and admitted he was wrong after the Saints dropped 40+ points on the 49ers No.1 defense.

It’s important to remember that Kamara will be return to full health and the Saints O-line is vastly better than the Chiefs and Ravens O-line.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

All of these top four teams will be pushing for the No. 1 offense in yards per game and points per game.

I like the Ravens a tad less than the Chiefs, Saints, and Cowboys. Lamar will make so many plays through possessing the most gifted ability ever seen from the QB position.

The Chiefs, Saints, and Cowboys pose much better weapons and/or structure than the Ravens. That ultimately showed to be true in the divisional game when Lamar struggled, the offense absolutely folded.

When Brees struggled vitally, the Saints casually inserted Taysom Hill, who inadvertently knocked out 25-yard runs and 50 yard passes, despite the Saints defense losing it in overtime.

I also don’t think the Ravens trended up in this off-season. Not much talent was given to help the 2019 league MVP, Lamar Jackson. The AFC North division got a lot tougher, which pushes the Ravens down a couple of spots from most lists (Dallas, New Orleans improved).

Colin Cowherd’s No. 4 selection- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

Colin says that Buccaneers are indisputable from the No. 4 spot, and he makes a bold statement by saying they have the best tight end group and wide receiver group in the league.

It’s a stretch to say that they will be better than the Saints offense later on like he predicts. If you put Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on the Patriots last year with Tom Brady, I don’t even think that’s a top 5 offense, and the Patriots have a better o-line.

Brady is a year older from a moderately successful season last year, and Gronkowski didn’t even have a top 10 year for a tight end when he played “two” seasons ago. 

5. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry might be the best pure running back in the NFL, since prime Adrian Peterson. Henry led the league in rushing last season, despite missing a game of action.

He then tore it up in the playoffs and averaged more yards a carry in the postseason than the regular season, despite the belief that he had “hundreds of carries.” 

The 49ers averaged 29.9 ppg in 2019, and they’re built on being a run-first team. Don’t tell me that the Titans with an elite running back who keeps getting better, a terrific WR named A.J. Brown who was a rookie last year, and a QB who’s better than Jimmy G can’t come near that statistic in 2020.

The titans are young in every faucet, and they will continue to grow under a very underrated head coach in Mike Vrabel, who was an assistant coach under Bill Belichick.

Colin Cowherd’s No. 5 selection-San Francisco 49ers:

I don’t strongly disagree with this at all. We agree that the 49ers are a very well designed football team, and they possess the best tight end in football.

Jimmy G is underrated for reaching the Super Bowl in his first year as a starter, but he’s not a great quarterback yet.

Their robust offensive line and upgrade at the left tackle with Trent Williams are impressive though. 

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers had strong offensive statistics a season ago, despite it being inflated with a QB who compiled lots of yards through extra possessions from pick 6s.

This team got a huge upgrade at the QB position from Tom Brady joining the team. Brady can step in and distribute the football to a top 5 WR combo in the league, with a top 10 head coach calling the plays, and more importantly, the veteran QB can take care of the football. 

Brady has a factor to his stature that makes him unique from most QBs around the league.

How many QBs can make All-Pro receivers lift their own game because they play with Tom Brady? That’s precisely the case for Mike Evans, who was ecstatic and talking about champagne and intensity when the team initially brought him on board.

Brady doesn’t only have a strong arm and game poise left, and he carries everybody around them better at every moment of practice. I’m still not huge on Rob Gronkowski’s ranking coming off a year of not playing, especially in a league where Kelce and Kittle were just playing in the Super Bowl and still hold many prime years left. He could still be a top 10 TE.

Colin’s number 6 selection-Cleveland Browns: 

This is a good ranking for Colin’s list.

I agree that the Browns possess an elite load of firepower, and the keys lie in Baker’s hands. They will have a top 5 TE with Austin Hooper added to the mix.

I have the Titans and Cowboys ahead of the Browns for the elite running game in Tennessee and Offensive line play in Dallas. 

7. Cleveland Browns

The Browns flat out possess the league best offensive skill on paper.

Their talent is better than the Saints, Cowboys, and the Chiefs. They have a top 5 running back, top 3 receiving duo, top two or three tight end group, and a QB who has high-end quarterback ability.

The only thing holding their offense back is inconsistency from Baker, Odell, and play calling. Unfortunately, all three things have question marks, which leads them to No. 7 on the list

The Browns will make lots of plays, but if Odell plays with a high motor as he did against the Jets, things will really heat up.

Insert a sharper Baker to that formula, much better play-calling, and newly acquired Austin Hooper at tight end, this offense could be top 3 in the league. 

 Colin’s number 7th selection-Las Vegas Raiders:

This is an intriguing pick. I believe that the Raiders have the potential to score lots of points, and they hold a top 5 offensive line.

I’m just not sure if they are a team that can go down the field consistently and especially in a 2-minute drive.

Ruggs can likely stretch the field, and Waller can flex his speed from the tight end spot, but there isn’t a valid No.1 target for Carr in terms of reliability. 

8. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers lost Emmanuel Sanders this off-season to the Saints, hence a little reason for a large margin of difference between the two squads.

Add in that WR Deebo Samuel is coming off of an injury/surgery. It’s not an excellent outlook for Jimmy Garappolo, who already needs to step up in the big moments.

They still boast the top tight end in football in the NFL, a strong running game of elusive backs, a great offensive line, and, most importantly, a genius play-caller in Kyle Shanahan.

If Coach Shanahan’s defense in Atlanta didn’t fold against the Patriots in the Super Bowl and if he eked out a win in his second Super Bowl against Patrick Mahomes, he would be seen as the offensive version of Bill Belichick right now. 

Colin Cowherd’s No. 8 selection-Dallas Cowboys:

I think Colin holds a grudge against the Cowboys for some unknown reason.

He makes an accurate statement by saying they could have three potential 1,000-yard receivers, but he doesn’t even talk about Zeke and hardly mentions Prescott.

Let’s not forget that this offense was No.1 last year, and it’s a contract year for Prescott who’s “betting” on himself, and Cedee Lamb joins Amari Cooper to torch defensive backs. 

9. Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury might be discussed as an overrated head coach hire, but he has the best QB coach resume in football history.

Kingsbury coached Johnny Manziel in college, Patrick Mahomes in college, and now his QB Kyler Murray just won offensive rookie of the year. The Cardinals offense personnel could uplift Kyler Murray, and this offense can finally take off.

DeAndre Hopkins was just added to compliment Larry Fitzgerald. Hopkins could very well be the best wide receiver in the league. He’s hardly coverable, and that bodes well for Murray, who might throw one of the best deep throws on the run.

Murray, who’s an outstanding running quarterback, now has an elite group of weapons to lean when he leaves the pocket. Kenyan Drake is also an excellent running back, and he will be back after missing half of the season in 2019. 

Colin Cowherd’s No. 9 selection-Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, and it’s easy to forget about all of the NFC quarterbacks compared to the AFC(wow).

You can’t go wrong with picking Green Bay to be a top 10 offense in 2020.

They have an elite wide receiver, offensive line, young coach, and a hall of fame QB. I just like the potential and explosive playmakers more on the teams in the 7-10 range.

10.  Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz is the most underrated quarterback in the league.

It shows how immensely high the talent had become at the QB position when he was a prime MVP candidate in 2017 and even last year, but everybody has seemed to oblige to another QB talent.

Carson Wentz was flat out left off the entire top 100 list in 2020. People love to talk about Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Dak Prescott in the NFC, but Wentz is arguably better than them all in many aspects.

Wentz is one of the best of the best at standing in the pocket and delivering a 60-yard bomb with a defender streaming in his face.

Desean Jackson will be back for Wentz after going on injured reserve in early November. That combination proved to be potent in the week 1 matchup where Jackson had 154 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Pro Bowl WR Alshon Jeffery will also be back for the quarterback to unravel havoc on the NFC. 

Colin Cowherd’s No. 10 selection- Philadelphia Eagles:

Colin and I agree on our Number 10 selection in this department finally.

I thought about the Packers and Raiders, but I ultimately trust Wentz in big moments with his weapons on offense returning to full health.

Wentz was an actual MVP candidate in 2020 after Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson missed significant playing time in 2019. 

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