Minicamp: Highlighting the Top 5 Rookie QBs

1. Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow has been presented with a unique situation this off-season. The first overall pick hasn’t had the opportunity to throw to his high profile wide receivers, A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd before training camp. It’s been a virtual orientation of instruction for the 2020 rookie class.

Burrow wasn’t even a starter until his senior year at LSU. He cited that he probably would’ve been looking for a job last year if this COVID crisis happened to him before his senior year.

The cards may have been stacked against him, but he’s left plenty of positive impressions on his coaching staff so far. Recent news has made Bengals fans already ecstatic to see him put on a game jersey in Week 1.

Burrow has been making great sideline throws and deep passes on target with ease. Here’s what the Bengals Wire has to show of their potent quarterback thus far. More importantly, the coaches have praised his confidence and poise, which is great news for a rookie QB.

Burrow’s edge should have his team confident that they can get over this hump of an unsettling and strange off-season, where many teams may lack continuity with little confidence from the QB position. 

  1. Justin Herbert-Los Angeles Chargers

Fans knew that Justin Herbert had a strong arm at Oregon, but that was confirmed among his teammates and the media during the first week of training camp.

WR Keenan Allen has spoken volumes of Herbert’s ability to make any throw at any location on the field. Not only does the quarterback have a dangerous arm, Herbert can run a 4.69 for a quarterback at 6’6. Those physical attributes go far and beyond Josh Allen’s stature.

Even if he carries huge amounts of potential, Tyrod Taylor is taking first team reps at quarterback right now. You still can’t sleep on Taylor as a poor choice at QB. He’s made one Pro Bowl and he’s a veteran QB who has the keys to an offense with Pro Bowler Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and all-purpose back Austin Ekeler.

To cap it off, Herbert wouldn’t be the first quarterback to sit and learn year one. Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes didn’t see the field as rookies and they turned out okay.

  1. Tua Tagovailoa-Miami Dolphins

Yesterday, Tua put football pads on for the first since his hip injury in last November. The Dolphins made sure that their future star could shake some rust off before he gets too much contact.

The Dolphins young quarterback didn’t throw many passes on the first day of pads, just a couple short passes and a plenty of handoffs. Fans didn’t get to see their future franchise signal-caller make huge throws with his left arm, but they did get to see something that might be more important.

ESPN reported that Tua looks healthy and his hip looks fit as he moved around in drills throughout the day. There is no question about Tua arguably having the most arm talent out of any quarterback in this draft class, but his health was a major concern.

So far it’s a great start for the Alabama product in the middle of August. 

  1. Jordan Love-Green Bay Packers

The heir to Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been receiving the same praise as the quarterbacks drafted ahead of him, maybe for good reason that he was selected behind them.

Coach LaFleur said that Love has “a lot” to clean up right now. Some Packer fans may be breathing better now that they know their Hall of Fame QB won’t be seeing the bench for an unknown rookie anytime soon.

The positive note for Love, is that he can learn from one of the greatest quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers ever. Rodgers will not only push Love to get better each day, his attitude and knowledge will pass down to Love as Aaron still has a few good years left. 

  1. Jalen Hurts-Philadelphia Eagles

Hurts has made consistent, positive impressions during training camp so far. It’s reported that he had a touchdown pass yesterday and he’s even made great throws by stepping up in the pocket, verus tucking the ball and running.

Even if he’s a third string right now competing against backup defenders, it’s a good start for Hurts.

This draft choice by Doug Phederson may have been the biggest head scratcher throughout the whole 2020 draft. To be honest, it was actually genius.

Hurts can come in and lead the team through the playoffs if Wentz gets hurt again. Foles has already had to play in two playoff series for the injured Wentz, and one of those sequences resulted in a Super Bowl win. Not only that, Hurts can play a similar role that Taysom Hill does for the Saints. Hurts can come in for a series to run the wildcat and do some read option work for the Eagles offense.

Hurts adds another element of playmaking ability for the Eagles offense. The former Alabama championship winner may be a backup once again, but he could very well see the field in the near future. 

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