3 Biggest Match-ups in Week 1

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

This match-up doesn’t only display two of the five most talented rosters, dueling it out in Week 1, the game will show two Hall of Fame quarterbacks over the age of 40 years old. 

It will be the first match-up of 40+ year-old QBs in NFL history.

Tom Brady still carries a chip on his shoulder to prove the haters wrong about his ability at 43 years old, while he has a bigger goal in mind: Obtain another Super Bowl without Bill Belichick.

Meanwhile, Brees is full go after taking a month of contemplating retirement this off-season. Brees will have Offensive Player of The Year, Michael Thomas returning at just 27 years old.

I wouldn’t compare this game’s headline of the two QBs of two brilliant, old minds playing chess, but rather fireworks of points being showcased with the surplus of talent on both teams, combined with great play calling.

Not only will Brees have Thomas back and Emmanuel Sanders brought over from the 49ers, but he will also have a healthy Alvin Kamara to start the year.

Tom Brady has also got his own reinforcements in 2020, with the return of Gronk.

Gronk and Kamara will look to be the two x-factors in this showdown with their ability to make plays after the catch, so look for these two skill players to have a huge say in the result of this game. 

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins:

This game will feature two of the most intriguing profiles in pro football. One of them is Bill Belichick and the other is Dolphins rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa.

The question for Bill Belichick in 2020 is, how will his consistently elite team fair without Tom Brady? Tom Brady is out the door and all of sudden everybody has written the Patriots off in.

“Bill Belichick is 41-55 in the six seasons before Tom Brady was drafted.”

I know that Brady won six Super Bowls for his old team and he fled to a loaded Buccaneers team, so it seems like Belichick or Brady has to lose in this situation.

I will be the first to say that Brady wasn’t a key reason for the Patriots’ success last year and it’s often forgotten that his last Super Bowl win for the Patriots was in a game where the Patriots won 13-3 and his wide receiver, Julian Edelman, won MVP.

The Patriots still have a great team with the best secondary in the league, best head coach in the league, talented linebacker corps with the two Michigan linebackers, Winovich and Uche. There also is no reason a talented Cam Newton or Stidham can’t surpass modest Brady’s statistics from a year ago.

On to the Dolphins rising team that upset New England in Week 17 of last season. Tua Tagovaioloa was taken by Miami with the 5th overall selection. Tua would’ve been the first overall pick if his shoulder was healthy, so there’s no question about his ability. There might be speculation about him starting, but rookie QBs picked in the top 5 don’t sit on the bench.

The key statistic leading up to the game: Opposing quarterbacks are 0-8 against Bill Belichick in their first start.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans:

Not only is this match-up going to be the first game to kick off the 2020 NFL season, it’s a game of revenge for Texans QB Deshaun Watson and company.

Fans may have forgotten that the Texans were up by 24 points against the Chiefs in the 2020 divisional round match-up. Mahomes had something to say about that.

The Chiefs completed the biggest comeback in franchise history by not only coming back to win but blowing the Texans out 51-31.

That magical comeback led by Patrick Mahomes was against a Texans defense not featuring J.J. Watt, so things will be different with Watt led defense fueled by extra anger. The Chiefs still have their offensive stars returning, while the Texans shipped off All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins and brought over pro bowl RB David Johnson.

Texans fans may not ever forgive Coach O’Brien for trading one of the franchise’s best players, but David Johnson could be a great all-purpose back in the receiving and rushing game. Watson will also still have Kenny Stills, Will Fuller, and newly acquired Brandin Cooks at WR. That’s still a very good wide receiving corps for the Texans.

This game should be an exciting start to the 2020 NFL season, and we should see some huge throws by Mahomes and Watson throughout the sequence of this contest.

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