3 Teams that will start 0-2

New York Jets

The Jets offense may need a few weeks to figure out how they’re going to attack. That’s not a good combination rolling into the Week 2 match-up facing the San Francisco 49ers.

“Sorry to all my Sam Darnold truthers out there but if I were to predict which quarterback gets benched, I’d put my card in for Darnold. Outside of the fact that a veteran, Joe Flacco, is the backup. The Jets were overmatched against their division rival, Buffalo Bills”.

Sam Darnold supported only one receiver over 40 yards — Jamison Crowder — who did go for an impressive 7 catches 115 yards and a score. Additionally, Le’Veon Bell is now out with an injury.

Gase might be an underrated schemer, but the Jets face an angry 49ers squad coming off a loss. I don’t envision the San Francisco 49ers starting the season 0-2. I think it’s pretty likely this defense doesn’t give up big plays or get controlled upfront by the New York Jets offense.

The Jets season won’t be over if they start 0-2, but it will be an uphill battle. To cap it off on a positive note, Adam Gase and Gregg Williams are built on mindset. They may need lots of it after Sunday.

Detroit Lions

The Lions lost in a surprise Week 1 comeback led by long time disappointment Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky silenced the haters with clutch throws and he showed that he was a big reason that they were a playoff team in 2018.

As for the lions, the Lions along with Matthew Stafford had quite a bit of hype leading up to the season. He was a self-proclaimed MVP candidate which is not looking off to a great start.

Stafford almost brought the lions back, the team would have won had it not been for rookie running back D’Andre swift dropping a touchdown pass in the final moments of the game.

“Rookies across the league have been exposed in big moments with no pre-season. Right, Isaiah Simmons?”

Hopefully, the Lions will get Kenny Golladay sooner rather than later and Stafford can get back on track because they need him.

All in all, the tough loss against the Mitch Trubisky led Bears has to be demoralizing and I am not buying a bounce-back week for this team against Aaron Rodgers who is out for blood this season on his #RodgersRevengeTour.

New York Giants

Coach Judge’s Giants lost a Week 1 matchup on Monday Night Football in Ben Roethlisberger’s first game back from surgery.  Daniel Jones continues to be volatile, peppering in some great throws along with holding the ball way too long and a couple of interceptions.

Despite Jones’s roller-coaster performance, The offensive line looks horrendous as Saquon Barkley was only able to get six yards on 15 carries. Six yards!

The coaches along with Jones need to recognize that he does not have the time to sit back in the pocket waiting for things to develop. They need to jump-start this O-line and figure out a new plan. I would consider putting Saquon Barkley out wide more until Golden Tate returns to the lineup because rushing the ball efficiently looks like it could be a struggle.

“I don’t expect much to change in their Week 2 matchup against the Chicago Bears who are sporting a pretty solid defensive front. The Bears’ strong secondary and front 7 should be able to keep this Giants team in check”.

Additionally, the Bears have completely altered their scheme from last season which looks to be a Better fit for Mitch Trubisky. I’ll take the Bears (-6) over the Giants for week 2, sending the Giants on their way to 0-2.

By: Alexander Mercado

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