Top 5 Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

  1. Dan Quinn

The scrappy, aggressive head coach for the Falcons has had good runs for Atlanta, but his time is running out.

“There was an overwhelming chance that he was going to get fired last season, but the team finished 6-2 with strong victories over San Francisco and New Orleans”.

Things haven’t looked to repeat themselves in 2020. His defense is getting gashed and his special teams unit has been sloppy against competitive teams.

If the Falcons are sitting at 2-5 or 1-6, it won’t look good for the defensive-minded coach heading a team with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and a defense that brings no lethal injection.

A rebuilding phase may make sense with the team in a division controlled by New Orleans and Tampa Bay. 

  1. Bill O’Brien

“The Texans head coach took lots of heat for trading their best player in the off-season for a mid-round draft pick. O’Brien’s philosophy of a tad better locker room and a far less talented team has brought them to an 0-2 start”.

It doesn’t look good for his Texans team that hasn’t put up a fight against Kansas City and Baltimore over the last two weeks.

To go with it, The Texans head coach hasn’t even reached the Conference Championship with DeShaun Watson and J.J. Watt on his team over the past few years.

If the Texans are out of the playoff hunt or off to an 0-4 start, it would make sense to see the coach let go in pursuit of a young offensive mind for one of the league’s most talented quarterbacks.

  1. Matt Patricia

The Lions head coach looked to bring the Lions for a bounce-back season. He was getting Matthew Stafford back, a high draft pick starting, and multiple free agents were slotted in as quality upgrades.

So far, Detroit looks worse than in 2019. The Lions are fighting for the last place with Minnesota in a tough NFC North.

“Patricia is just another Bill Belichick disciple to struggle as a head coach on his own team. The team needs more grit, fewer errors, and special plays dialed up for a Lions team that’s playing with their soul crushed”.

Matthew Stafford may also be on the hot seat for an organization that’s had his back for many years, despite no championship success.

  1. Brian Flores

The Dolphins, similar to Atlanta in 2019, were putting up a fight against elite opponents down the stretch of late last season. Now the team looks like they have no spirit and merely little talent.

“Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like a journeyman quarterback and their defense isn’t living up to another head coach who prides himself on that side of the ball”.

Free-agent additions Byron Jones and Kyle Van Noy haven’t saved their defense from getting torn apart from Cam Newton and Josh Allen in back to back weeks.

This is the third Belichick former assistant coach to vastly struggle in a new home. If the Dolphins don’t crack a .500 record, it would look shiny for a new offensive-minded guru at head coach, to help Tua start the next phase of rich Miami Dolphins tradition. 

  1. Adam Gase

I didn’t want to put Gase too high on this list because he has support from the management above him, but he still can’t afford to go 0-6 and look like he brought the wrong quarterback in New York.

Gase receives lots of heat for not living up to his Denver Bronco days with Peyton Manning, but he hasn’t received a quarterback that brings above-average talent.

He should also get some benefit of the doubt, because the Jets have an atrocious roster around him, right now. Nonetheless, the Jets need to have some spirit on the field, to show that they back their head coach and his philosophy on the organization.

“If Gase’s team can’t win more than two games in the next five matchups, we might see the defensive coordinator-Gregg Williams being an interim head coach for the second time in three years”.

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