5 Quarterbacks that could lose their job

By: Cody Benjamin (Twitter: @codybenjamin7)

  1. Dwayne Haskins 

  At the beginning of the season Ron Rivera committed to Haskins being his starting quarterback. His poor play through three weeks and lack of decision making when the game is on the line has Rivera and fans pondering if he is the franchise QB of the future. As many know, Washington is always a team that is quick to change starting quarterbacks and with Kyle Allen and Alex Smith both waiting in the balance, Haskins needs to step up. 

Washington’s lack of offensive weapons other than Terry McLaurin is a disadvantage for Haskins but not an excuse. Through three weeks, Haskins ranks in the bottom five in passing yards, completion percentage and QBR causing Rivera to have some quarterback controversy. Both Allen and Smith have previous NFL starter experience. Kyle Allen started 12 games last year with Ron Rivera at head coach in Carolina before both coming to Washington. Alex Smith is a veteran who has been in the league for 14 years, but his best years are behind him. During 2018, Alex Smith was the starting quarterback for Washington for over half of the season before having a nasty leg injury causing him to miss all the 2019 season. Washington has options at quarterback if Haskins cannot perform any better than he has through 3 weeks.  

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

This may be a surprise to some people because of the good start Fitzpatrick has had this season, but the Miami Dolphins did not select Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft for him to sit on the bench. When the Dolphins Selected the Alabama QB, they knew it was a risk because of his recent hip injury that sidelined him for the final few games of his college football season. The Dolphins have been impressed that his arm talent and mobility has not taken a decline since his hip injury 10 months ago. 

During Ryan Fitzpatrick’s long 16-year career, he has been nothing but an average NFL quarterback. His ups and downs throughout his career have led to playing on 8 different teams, while his longest tenure was 4 years with the Bills. Fitzpatrick has been a great mentor for Tagovailoa during the early part of the season and not having an offseason program has also made things complicated for the rookie. While the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode, Tua is a part of the process and expect the Hawaiian native to get the nod at starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins within the next few weeks.

  1. Carson Wentz 

Ever since getting injured his second year in the league, Wentz has not been himself. Year after year the word around football is this is the year that Wentz will get back to form, but he is yet to do so. From his inaccurate deep ball to poor decision making, caused the eagles to draft Jalen Hurts in the second round of this years NFL draft. Some of his struggles are because of offensive line issues and lack of depth at receiver, but this man could not beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Wentz ranks towards the bottom of every offensive category, while also throwing 6 interceptions through three weeks. Since coming into the league, Wentz was thought to be the best quarterback in his class, now third behind Jared Goff and Dak Prescott. The Eagles franchise quarterback who signed his 5-year $128 million dollar contract last year could lose his job during this season, if he does not step it up. 

  1. Sam Darnold

During the early stages of his third NFL season, Sam Darnold is not exactly who the Jets thought they drafted. Being a talented player coming out of USC everyone knew he had turnover issues and scouts thought that would change at the NFL level, but that is not the case. Since coming into the league his touchdown to interception ratio is 39-32 while also fumbling the ball 16 times in just 30 games. His lack of protecting the ball and having poor decision making has cause him to turn the ball over way more than the Jets would like. While the Jets do have a bottom five offensive line and a weak run game, it is not an excuse for Darnold to have poor accuracy. With Joe Flacco, a super bowl winning quarterback behind Darnold in New York, if he does not start winning games or taking care of the football, he may lose his job. All in all, Darnold is still a young quarterback-23 years old. He’s the same age as Joe Burrow. It wouldn’t look much prettier for Joe Burrow in the Jets offense. 

  1. Baker Mayfield 

Coming off his worst year of his young career, Baker has looked good so far during the 2020 season. The terrible QB play for Cleveland last season caused one of the preseason super bowl favorites to miss the playoffs. With the offensive that the Browns have put together, there is no need for Mayfield to struggle. Through 3 weeks, Mayfield has improved from last year but still only looks like an average NFL quarterback. With Case Keenum being the backup, if Baker starts to repeat what he did during last season, we could see a change coming for the Cleveland Browns. Case Keenum has some familiarity with Kevin Stefanski, as well. Keenum is a gutsy, veteran quarterback that will at least utilize his prominent weapons.

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