3 WRs to Trade For/ 3 WRs to Trade Away

By: Kyle Williams (Twitter: @betonthegame)

Week 4 in the NFL is now in the books we are officially at the quarter mark of the NFL season. With the landscape changing week to week it’s becoming difficult to find players that will help your team. In this article, I’ll be touching on “3 wide receivers that you should trade” for and “3 wide receivers that you should consider trading”.

Trade Away

Odell Beckham Jr, WR, Cleveland Browns

Let’s start with the most obvious one on the list which is OBJ. After torching the Cowboys on Sunday to the tune of five receptions, 154 net yards, and three touchdowns. That’s an explosion on Sunday which racked him up 38 fantasy points in most leagues. Teams are going to see that and think I need to trade for OBJ immediately, or that he’s a clear cut WR 1. Well, that’s wrong, and here’s why.

“five” receptions? That’s it? Sorry, but no thank you. In fact, those five receptions are actually the most he’s had this season. Take a look at Beckham’s box score so far this season.

As you can see from the boxscore this game clearly unsustainable. Season-high in every single category, from touchdowns, receptions, and yards. The touchdowns are not sustainable at all for Beckham, three touchdowns in one week. Not to mention that one of them came of his 74 rushing yards which are also unsustainable. I can almost guarantee you that OBJ won’t see two carries and gain 74 yards on them again.

Nothing Beckham did on Sunday is going to be sustainable. He will be in for some major regression. Considering the Browns are not a high-level passing offense, it makes me want to sell Beckham even more. If an owner is willing to give you value for OBJ who has busted in two of his four weeks then I’m all aboard. Look to move him to a wide receiver needy team in your league.

D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers

It’s starting to get really scary for Moore owners in fantasy. Having put up three dud performances in four games it has owners starting to panic. I usually preach holding onto a player and waiting for a breakout performance but with Moore, I just don’t see it. If he hasn’t broken out yet without McCaffrey on the field, then when will it come?

It’s becoming clear that the connection between Moore and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater just isn’t there. After Moore went for four receptions for 49 yards on Sunday it’s obvious that he will likely not break out this season.

The Panthers brought in free agent Robby Anderson over from the Jets this offseason which is killing Moore. Anderson has taken over the WR 1 role on the team and is having tremendous success so far with Bridgewater. Here is a comparison of Moore and Anderson’s stats through the first four weeks of the season.

Stats are telling the story with this one. Anderson is leading the team in targets and yards by a country mile. Its obvious that Moore is taking the backseat in the offense to Anderson so far. 

Moore is seeing targets in his first two games but his lack of receptions with the targets is killing him. Catching only 50% of your receptions is a recipe for disaster. Moore’s low-end receptions in the passing game paired with his limited touchdown upside make him a WR3 in fantasy as it currently sits.

With McCaffrey coming back sooner rather than later there is almost no hope for Moore. The offense isn’t centered around him and his time just isn’t coming this season unless injuries occur to Anderson. If you can trade Moore for anything of value like a WR 2 I would pull the trigger.

Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I hate trading injured players, it feels like every time you do your either giving up or your selling low. In this case with Godwin, I don’t think either applies. Before the season started there was a ton of hype with Tom Brady coming to town and Gowin being the new young stud in town. People were down and out on Evans and in on Godwin. Believe it or not, I was one of the only analysts that actually had Evans over Godwins in redraft leagues. I thought Godwin was a bit overrated, which is starting to become true.

It’s becoming clear that Evans is the much more superior player in the offense. People doubted that for a while but the proof is there. Take a look at this clip from Evans on Sunday and you will understand why he’s the clear cut number 1 option on the team.

With Evans being the guy in the offense it bumps Godwin’s stock, not only that but the connection between Brady and Scotty Miller is getting concerning as well. After hearing several beat reporters report that Brady and Miller were a pair to watch for its starting to become true. In the last two weeks without Godwin here are Miller’s numbers. Eight receptions, 166 yards, and a touchdown. Brady has a strong connection with both Miller and Evans and when Godwin comes back that’s going to hurt his stock.

My concern with Godwin doesn’t end at his competition. It also starts with his injuries so far. After injuring his hamstring in Week 1, Godwin missed Week 2 and was presumed healthy for Week 3. Not the case at all as he reinjured it in Week 3 again. Scary to say the least, if there is any injury that you don’t want to see your player get its a hamstring pull. It’s one of the worst non-season ending injuries that you can get. They are impossible to run on and require several weeks of rest and consistently re-aggravate. 

Gowins injuries are piling up and he isn’t going to give you more than 10 games this season. His role in the offense is shrinking by the day and might be headed towards WR2 fantasy numbers when he gets back. Trade Godwin now while he can still get you a higher-end player.

Trade For

Robert Woods, WR, Los Angeles Rams

I don’t think a lot of casual fantasy players know what they have here. Woods is one of the most consistent fantasy players around. After having a nine points game in Week 4 people will be looking to trade Woods. And you should take them up on that offer.

As I mentioned Woods is uber consistent, here are Woods fantasy numbers so far this season.

17.9 Fantasy Points

11.3 Fantasy Points

21.4 Fantasy Points

9.7 Fantasy Points

Those numbers might not stand out to you but they should. In fantasy, you look for guys that are consistent and provide you with upside, both of which Woods does. He’s the perfect WR 2 or flex start in fantasy.

The most exciting thing for Woods is that his schedule is clearing up for a big stretch run. According to Pro Football Focus, Woods and the Rams have the third easiest schedule for WRs in fantasy for the rest of the season. The Rams also have the fourth easiest playoff schedule for fantasy as well.

Usage for Woods is coming in droves as well. The Rams aren’t just using him as a receiver, they are using him as a gadget in the offense. He’s been used for bubble screens, blocking, pass-catching, and running the football on end arounds. Woods’ ability to be a true impact player is keeping his usage high and his field time higher. Here are his numbers through the first 4 weeks of the season. 

With the Rams offense starting to lift off and use Woods he’s a great player to buy low on after a bad Sunday. The schedule paired with the usage rate is super exciting for Woods. Buy now and grab him for the cheap and watch him perform for your team.

Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons

This guy is a no doubt buy-low candidate after a stinker of a game on Monday night football versus the Packers. Don’t be to down on Ridley after a week of bad play, the game plan and execution was sloppy. The Falcons can easily rally back from the poor performance.

Starting with the schedule is one of the first and most exciting things that should make you trade for Ridley. According to Pro Football Focus, Ridley has the sixth easiest schedule for wide receivers for the rest of the season. Ridley also gets to line up against two of the three bottom passing defenses in Week 6 and Week 7.

Let’s not forget that even with dropping a 0 on Monday night Ridley is still the third ranked WR in fantasy football, and that’s with a guy named Julio Jones on his team. The Falcons high-powered offense runs up and down sometimes but Ridley is a tremendous trade for no matter how you look at it.

The breakout third-year for Ridley is clearly here, he and Ryan have shared a strong connection so far on the season as Ridley has asserted himself ahead of Julio Jones on the team. Look at the numbers for both on the season. 

Ridley is clearly the guy in the offense. He and Ryan looked shakey last night but the blame is mostly on Ryan. He missed several key throws and Ridley did have some drops. It could’ve been some primetime woos for the Falcons as they’ve choked the last two games away in big spots. The stats will correct themselves in the up and coming weeks for Ridley.

Buy-low on Ridley now with the dud on Monday, he’s the best fantasy WR on the team. And arguably a Top-10 WR in fantasy for the rest of the season. Pairing his elite schedule, high-end talent, opportunity, and the elite offense is a great blend for a buy-low trade candidate. 

Julian Edelman, WR, New England Patriots

If you want a cheap, reliable, tough wide receiver this is the guy to trade for. Edelman never misses games and always tends to give you points no matter what. In recent weeks Edelman has failed to produce decent enough points to start in the last two weeks. Take a look at below at the stats so far on the season.

The targets have been there for Edelman so far so I’m not that worried. People are souring on Edelman and its silly. Playing two bad games in which the game script and quarterbacks have killed him. In week 3 versus the Raiders, the Patriots ran the ball a season-high amount of times leaving the passing game in the back pocket. In week 4 the Patriots were missing star quarterback Cam Newton who tested positive for Covid-19. With clear outlines for bad production, you should trade for Edelman.

You can see his targets and his production is there glancing at his Week 1 and two numbers. When given the opportunity its clear he can produce with it. Chalk up the last two weeks to bad luck and a tough game plan.

The schedule for Edelman and the Patriots gets easier ahead for the passing game as well. They play the 8th easiest passing schedule for the rest of the season and the fourth easiest playoff schedule. The Patriots square of against the likes of the Jets, Dolphins, Bills, and Rams in the fantasy playoffs. Cupcake schedule to say the least.

Edelman is a clear-cut WR2 or high-end flex play in fantasy football. If you have the assets to trade for Edelman you need to do so. The Patriots will find a way to get him going after a few tough weeks. With Newton coming back soon and the schedule lightening up, Edelman needs to be taken more seriously.

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