6 Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

By Christian Nass (@ChristianNass)

Doug Marrone (Jacksonville Jaguars)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a rebuild. Since the attempt to repeat the success of 2017 failed, they parted ways with players like Yannick Ngakoue and Ronnie Harrison. Even before that, star cornerback Jalen Ramsey was sold off. Vice President Tom Coughlin also had to go, his authoritarian style of leadership turning many players and the NFLPA against him. Head Coach Doug Marrone remains. For him, it is probably the last chance to save his job in the “Sunshine State”. The coach no longer has many scapegoats who can take the rap for him. So the alibis are used up and the first weeks do not promise anything good for his future.

Adam Gase (New York Jets)

It was not a good first season for Adam Gase with the Jets. He had a pretty decent record with his team 7-9, but that was mainly due to the strong defense and his Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Hate to say it. Gase, on the other hand, was responsible for the NFL’s worst offense and his leadership style is also very questionable. “I don’t think he’s the right leader for this organization to make the playoffs,” said Jamal Adams, who the Jets have since traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Gase is not able to develop the team. The first games were an oath of disclosure and are making the chair of Gase shakier and shakier.

Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons)

Let’s get the facts straight. The Falcons are a bad team. Their spirit is worse than their talent. Every finger points at the leader on the sideline: Dan Quinn. Dan Quinn was already considered a candidate last season who could lose his job. That it didn’t happen is due to a strong final spurt with six wins from eight games. This was in complete contrast to the first eight games, where he and his team only managed one win. In the strong NFC South, he would now have to show a constant good performance with his team. This is exactly what the Falcons have failed to do in the new season. While the team is often at the top of the leaderboard, it always collapses again at the end of each game. Quinn’s job is more at risk than ever.

Matt Patricia (Detroit Lions)

With Matt Patricia, another Head Coach is about to enter an important year. His winning record of 9-22-1 in two years with the Lions is very weak. The worst part is, the Lions have shown poor effort and reckless attitude with fourth-quarter performances that are cruel to watch. Well, Last season looked very good until quarterback Matthew Stafford’s injury, but after that nothing worked out. So now the defense, which should be the specialty of the former Defensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots, needs to improve. In the off-season, some things were turned upside down there, so Patricia is now challenged. So far he has not succeeded in improving his performance. The offense is too inconsistent and the defense is not clicking despite all the changes. The patience with Patricia should soon come to an end. Stafford may follow Patricia out the door, as well.

Anthony Lynn (Los Angeles Chargers)

In three years with the Chargers, Anthony Lynn only made the playoffs once. But the last season in particular, in which the actually so talented team only managed five wins, was a low point. The Chargers are starting the season with a new quarterback after the departure of quarterback Philip Rivers. Lynn is to develop rookie Justin Herbert so that he can lead the Chargers into a glorious future. In addition, as last year, he will have to replace the seriously injured Safety Derwin James throughout the season. Herbert did quite well in his previous starts. However, Lynn has so far avoided declaring Herbert as starting quarterback. Lynn is also measured by victories. These are not sufficient so far and the air for Anthony Lynn is getting thinner and thinner.

Vic Fangio (Denver Broncos)

Vic Fangio enters his second year as a coach for the Denver Broncos. He now has to bring his success back to the Mile High City, because the Broncos have not been in the playoffs once in the last four years. The offense has been massively upgraded for this. Although the team has been plagued by injury this season, the pressure on Fangio is still great. If the team misses the playoffs again, General Manager John Elway’s patience is likely to run out. Would Elway want a shiny new coach/offensive mind to work with a young quarterback, maybe a new quarterback? Perhaps. It wouldn’t be the first time that a head coach had a short leash with a young quarterback. Cough, cough, Freddie Kitchens.

By Christian Nass (@ChristianNass)

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