3 Undefeated Teams that could lose

By: Alex Fausto (Twitter: @alexfausto27)

Seattle Seahawks

My first choice might be a shocker, but Seattle’s defense is hanging on by a thread. Here is my reasoning. Besides the Falcons, all games were won by a single score. If Cam Newton made that one-yard run (insert one-yard joke here) the game would have gone the other way. If Dallas’ last drive was taken more seriously, they would have tied it up and who knows who would have won that. Dolphins tried their hardest and got in their own way, however, a 1-3 team only lost by only 8. I love the Vikings players. Dalvin Cook is a top 5 RB right now. It’s simple. The WRs crop is amazing (Jefferson and Thielen). The only thing that is holding them back is Captain Kirk. I understand that Cousins has been having an INTs issue. But last game: 16-22 pass attempts, 260 yards, and 1 TD. Only missing 6 passes, that’s not bad. It also helps that Dalvin had 130 yards, 2 TD with 27 carries. So, if Kirk stays out of his own way, and hands the ball off. Seattle is going to be 4-1. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Raiders stop turning the ball over! Raiders 2-2, the two losses were against really good teams. The Bills just won the turnover battle. The Pats were insanely good on the ground. Chiefs are a 4 and 0 without any flaws in their game. Run Game is such a staple in the game now. Still with the most elite WRs crops. However, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is coming off his weakest game 16 carries, 64 yards. So if LV stops giving the ball up, Derek Carr has a great chance to show the world that he is legit. I love their personnel. Waller is having an extraordinary year, four games with 40 targets for a TE that is amazing. Trent Brown and Ruggs coming back are only going to help the offensive woes. Let’s not forget that the Chargers were a rookie interception away from beating the Chiefs, too. On the field on Sunday, Josh Jacobs needs to step it up, I know that his stats are low compared to other RBs like Henry, Cook, etc. But with being the anchor for the offense, averaging 75 yards a game isn’t cutting it. In my opinion, the Chiefs have no weakness, so I look at this game as if it is David Vs Goliath. 

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans might be the worst 3-0 team, anybody has heard of. But they’re 3-0. See what I did there. All jokes aside, the 4-0 Bills are playing the 3-0 Tennessee Titans. Somebody has to fall and my bet is on Tennessee. The Titans aren’t battled tested like Buffalo. They played the Broncos (won 16-14), Jaguars (won 33-30), and the Vikings (31-30). Wow. They could easily be 0-3, but they squeaked out wins against terrible ball clubs. Meanwhile, Josh Allen is an MVP candidate and the Bills have edged out the Rams, Raiders, bad Jets, and the below average Dolphins. The Titans can run the ball and not break on defense, but it won’t be enough. It’s imminent that Josh Allen will score 30 points. Do I trust Ryan Tannehill? No.

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