49ers in 2020: What happened?

By: Keith Petersen (twitter:_atoadaso)

As we all know, the San Francisco 49ers are coming off of an amazing 2019 season, finishing with a 13-3 record and winning their division on their way to a Super Bowl LIV appearance. Unfortunately, it came to only fall just short late in the game to the Kansas City Chiefs. While it was a disappointing end to the season for San Francisco they came into 2020 with high expectations, so far they haven’t lived up to those expectations in the least. Through five games the 49ers are 2-3, both of those wins are against winless teams. This team has the talent, but they’ve lost close battles and the bus just hasn’t taken off.

Today we’re going to be looking at 3 ways the 49ers can turn their season around and win the NFC West.

3: Staying healthy. The 49ers have been devastated by injuries. All the analysts and football fan base overlook this aspect. I know this one isn’t really their fault but they’ve been one of the unluckiest teams in the NFL this season when it comes to Injuries, Losing DE Nick Bosa for the season with a torn ACL in Week 2 vs the Jets. Bosa wasn’t even close to all the injuries for the 49ers. Some of San Francisco’s other injuries have been, Jimmy Garoppolo (ankle) he missed 2 weeks and returned vs Miami. He is currently questionable for Sunday’s game vs the Rams. George Kittle (Pro Football Focus’s top-graded player in 2019) has also missed a lot of time this season (knee). These are just some of the 49ers many Injuries. Like I said earlier, this isn’t their fault, so if they can get a little more luck when it comes to Injuries they should be a more dangerous team, but the problems still go way beyond that.

2: Offensive line. The 49ers offensive line has been a massive problem this season. Most people aren’t noticing it but San Francisco has the fourth-worst offensive line this season. Despite acquiring Trent Williams, They have given up 18 sacks so far which is the fourth most in the NFL, That’s just one of the many problems with their offensive line. Garoppolo and Mullens have been under constant pressure this season because the o line breaks down so easily and so quickly. Head coach Kyle Shanahan needs to try and fix this problem as soon as possible or it will only continue to get worse for San Francisco. If he can fix this issue that would help their season drastically.

1: Motivation. Honestly, their biggest of many issues has been the lack of motivation. Yes, energy and motivation can moves mountains for success with any professional team. I know I just said the offensive line is a massive problem but Garoppolo still could try harder. Garappolo looks nothing like the Garoppolo we saw last season. He’s coming off a Super Bowl loss and injury, but he doesn’t play with an edge as he wants it and quite frankly it’s shown. It was noted that he wasn’t trying hard enough against Miami which resulted in him getting benched. Nonetheless, Let’s not forget that he’s not the only one showing a lack of motivation. The reigning NFC champions also had no motor and no consistency when running the ball. Kyle Shanahan needs to take control of this team before it’s too late. I know they have the talent and they’re better than this, They’re good enough to win a super bowl but they just aren’t playing like it. If Kyle Shanahan can take control of his team and get some life back in that locker room then they could once again be a serious threat, but the squad by the Golden Gate needs to wake up soon because time is running out. You know why? The 49ers play in arguably the toughest division in the whole league. Also known as not the NFC East.

If this team can rebound with healthy bodies and hope, they can be in Super Bowl consideration! The 49ers have the talent, they just need to use it the right way. This is a young team with a bright future if they do the right things. I know they can still turn it around, They just have to play as they want it. Be ready, the NFC race is wide open. Everybody counted the Chiefs out last season when Mahomes was injured and playing with less precision. Don’t make the same mistake with Kyle Shanahan’s squad.

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