Top-5 Dark Horse MVP Choices

By: Keith Petersen (Twitter: @_atoadaso)

5: Josh Allen

Josh Allen led the Bills to a 10-6 record and a playoff appearance in 2019. Allen managed to get better in 2020. He grew better with his mechanics and the addition of Stephon Diggs helped “a lot!” Right now, Allen and the Bills are 5-2 and Allen has 16 TD passes and 2,018 passing yards, yet most people still don’t see him as an elite QB. To help matters, a lot, the Patriots might be dead in 2020. He should take advantage of the two divisional games to a high level. He will be deserving of winning MVP as he’s been elite all a long in 2020.

4: Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray was the first overall pick in 2019 as he came into a struggling franchise and had a modest, rookie of the year 2019 campaign. As of recent in 2020, Murray just edged out Russell Wilson, who’s been getting sung praises of MVP chatter. Murray has made the Cardinals a real playoff threat, as they’re 5-2 right now. He has been quick with his decisions and running this season and motivated, as he has proven the Cardinals right for drafting him. It helps that he gets to face off against weak NFC West defenses on occasion.

3: DK Metcalf (double dark horse)

The Seahawks drafted Metcalf in 2019 and he’s improved throughout the two years thus far. He’s electric, competitive for the football, usually healthy (opposite to Julio Jones), and he’s a red-zone threat. He’s just a great target for MVP choice-Russell Wilson and a big part of Seattle’s success. The Seahawks get lots of shootouts and Wilson should light up defenses, by leaning on Metcalf. This will only benefit Metcalf. As of right now, he has 24 receptions, 519 yards, and 5 TD’s. A year after watching Michael Thomas win OPOY, Metcalf could add a few “huge games” with his consistent play, to put himself in elite contention.

2: Aaron Donald

In 2014 the Rams drafted the generational freak-Aaron Donald. Throughout his career, he’s consistently been one of the best players in the NFL. In 2018 he had 20.5 sacks, he’s still as good but he’s not talked about as much. A lot of double teams and triple teams from better competition hurt the “sack” category, but he’s been a pressure machine. Although, In 7 games this season, he has 8 sacks and he’s on pace for sack filled season. With all this, he’s still not being talked about a lot. He’s having a silently amazing MVP caliber season.

1: Ryan Tannehill

I know a lot of you have seen the stat floating around with Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry.

In 2012 the Miami Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill 8th overall and he was supposed to be the future of the franchise but things just didn’t work out because the Dolphins struggled on both sides of the ball his entire time there. Cough, cough Adam Gase. But in 2019, Tannehill was traded to the Tennessee Titans, he would battle Marcus Mariota for the starting QB job and lose the battle, but midway through the season he would replace Mariota and lead the Titans to an AFC championship appearance that they nearly won! No coincidence for being there. But heading into 2020 there was still lots of uncertainty as to whether or not he was gonna have as good of a season in 2020 as he had in 2019. Tannehill has so far led the Titans to a 5-1 record in 2020 and he’s no doubt been one of the best QB’s in all of football with 15 TD passes, 1,590 passing yards, and a 68.5 completion percentage. Even with all these stats Tannehill continues to face doubt and not be talked about enough, this is a guy who’s good enough to win a Superbowl and he’s proven himself as a Top-6 QB this season. If Titans snag the 1 seed with a Top-3 QB performance from him, it would be hard to not award him the MVP.

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