3 RBs to Trade For/ 3 RBs to Trade Away

By: Jake Rajala

3 RBs to Trade For

Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette seems to be finally settling in for Tampa Bay. He led the team in touches in Week 8, after Ronald Jones coughed up the football. Fournette has 25+ points combined in the past two weeks for PPR leagues. He has a tough matchup against New Orlean’ stout run defense on Sunday night, but here’s his last few game stretch of 2020–Minnesota, Atlanta, and Detroit. Not only does he have a favorable end of season/playoff stretch, but he’s also flat out looking like a complete back for Brady and Arians right now. If he can be effective against New Orleans outside of inevitably not getting a lot of rushing yards against a Saints front that hasn’t allowed a 100+ yard rusher in 40+ straight games, it should look good for Fournette as a complete player and a for-sure increased role in Tampa Bay.

Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders has turned into the quietest running back in the world. Sanders has missed the past two games and now he enters a bye week in Week 9. Drumroll please, get Sanders now! We’re talking about a running back that didn’t score below 9.6 points in PPR when healthy, and he gets a lunch full of NFC East defenses throughout the season. Boston Scott won’t hurt him at all–he has one game over 10 points this year. Sanders should also be a key to helping Wentz clean up more of his play.

Jerick McKinnon

Jerick McKinnon was pinned as the most experienced and talented back for the genius, Kyle Shanahan after injuries piled up to Tevin Coleman and Jeff Wilson. In Week 8, he got the combination of touches and a great matchup against Seattle. McKinnon posted a decent 13.4 points for PPR owners. Don’t worry. Why? For 1. The 49ers didn’t have a quarterback presence in a physical form–Jimmy G threw for under 100 passing yards as he left injured. For 2. The 49ers get a date with New Orleans after Green Bay on TNF. Those are defenses that don’t cover well or play good red-zone defense. For 3. Now that Jimmy G is injured, along with George Kittle, we’re talking about the most explosive weapon for Shanahan with some stability at quarterback now –Even if it’s below average talent there. Jamycal Hasty is too early to get high hopes for.

3 RBs to Trade Away

Giovani Bernard

If you haven’t heard, Joe Mixon is aiming to return after the Week 9 bye week. I know that Giovani Bernard has been dynamite and scoring 20+ point games in back to back weeks. Nonetheless, Mixon was a top fantasy back in the league before going down. As much as I love Bernard and his success in recent weeks, he had four games below 7.5 points when Mixon was in uniform. Pardon Bernard for a young WR or straight for a good running back that shouldn’t slow down.

J.K. Dobbins

It’s time. Just get rid of J.K. Dobbins. Please. There have been too many times where multiple running backs for the likes of New England or San Francisco topped Dobbin’s production this year. Dobbins’s best game was Week 1 with 14.2 points. 14.2 points. Yes. I don’t know why he’s owned and used so much, but he should be exchanged for any valuable player at this point. Even if it’s an up and coming tight end or a rookie for the flex. Lamar Jackson is the best runner on the team. Mark Ingram demands touches. Now Gus Edwards has joined the party. If you are a playoff team and you own Dobbins, you could really get ahead by shipping out this name that still gains some attraction.

Melvin Gordan

I love that Denver has turned the corner. Drew lock has silenced the haters and he has brought his team to a 3-4 record by virtue of last-second touchdowns. The downfall to this glorious view has been their running game. The former first-round pick-Melvin Gordan hasn’t been effective, with the expense to his paychecks. Gordon hasn’t had a high scoring game since Week 4. He’s flat out a big name, who often hits or misses. He’s got one game over 20 points on his belt. He’s not a playoff addition for a winning formula. He’s got a date with New Orleans, Buffalo, and the Los Angeles Chargers down the stretch. Those are tough defenses to move the chains. I would look for a consistent threat at RB straight across, or even a sleeper flex player. 

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