Week 9: 3 WRs to Buy/ 3 WRs to Sell

By: Ryan Bigelow (Twitter: @dynastybigz)

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

Marquise Brown is an extremely talented receiver who just isn’t on the best offense to fully utilize his talents. After the Ravens Week 8 loss against the Steelers, Brown was extremely frustrated with his role in the offense. Shocker. In a since-deleted tweet, he said “What’s the point of having souljas when you never use them (Never!!).” Brown was rightfully upset, after playing his highest snap percentage of the season (94%). He matched his career-low in targets (2) and receptions (1). Lamar spoke to the media about the tweet and he took full responsibility for the problems on offense, it’s tough to win when your QB turns it over four times and throws for barely 200 yards. But hey let’s look at the bright side of Hollywood, he’s still leading the team in targets, receptions, and receiving yards. Before this past week, Brown has had at least six targets in every game. Also, Lamar and Marquise are boys, I expect them to get on the same page and to make it work. I’m also riding the weird theory that after he spoke out he’s for some reason due for a monster game. We are also at the point in the season when we need to start looking at player matchups during the fantasy playoffs and start projecting. For Brown his schedule is juicy, his week 14-16 matchups are all against teams that are bottom ten in most passing yards allowed per game. While he’s only currently ranked as WR 42 in PPR leagues I fully expect him to be inside the top 30 rest of the season. It shouldn’t cost too much to acquire him in redraft leagues and there’s a good chance the owner in your league is frustrated with his usage as well.


Amari Cooper

Such a talented receiver Amari Cooper is. It’s too bad he’s incredibly inconsistent and now has the worst QB in the league throwing to him. Yes I know he was extremely consistent this year with Dak but history shows how inconsistent he’s been in the past. After Ben DiNucci’s awful performance on MNF, the Cowboys are going to be starting either Cooper Rush or Garrett Gilbert this weekend. I can’t see either of them coming in and actually being a decent NFL QB, let alone being able to consistently support a receiver. Amari’s stock will only continue to drop as the season goes because there likely isn’t a happy ending for him this year. If I had any Amari shares I would’ve sold right when Dak went down, if you still have him on your team you likely lost some value but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to sell. There has to be someone in your league that will still over value Amari just based on his name and history, if you can get back a meaningful win now asset I would do it immediately. Coop won’t be winning any championships this year but there’s a good chance if you have him on your roster you’re still going to consider starting him every week. This is not a situation you want to be in, having Coop in your lineup at any point the rest of the season is not a way to win a championship. You can sell Amari for a cheaper receiver that will actually out produce him and still get more on top, a few receivers I would target in a potential trade would be Jamison Crowder, Tyler Boyd, or maybe even Michael Thomas if the owner is selling at a discount.


Jamison Crowder

There’s a chance we see Jamison Crowder suit up on Monday night for the first time since week 6. Is there a more underrated receiver in PPR leagues? In his four games played this season he’s averaging more than ten targets and 95 receiving yards per game! AND HE PLAYS FOR THE JETS! Crowder just finds ways to get open and get the job done, this is a guy I definitely want on my fantasy teams. He has one of the higher floors of any receiver on a weekly basis due to his usage in the slot, he’s been quietly putting up peak Jarvis numbers. Crowder is currently ranked WR41 even though he’s only played four games, you may be able to get Crowder on a major discount due to his injury and the owner possibly not thinking as highly of him as he should. The upcoming schedule also looks to be getting good, after their matchup with the Patriots this week their next five games are all against teams who allow over 250 passing yards per game. The Jets being the Jets also helps, every game they play they are going to be played from behind which only helps out Crowder even more. Even if he isn’t playing this week I would  send out a few messages or trade offers and try to get a feel about how his current manager views him.


DeVante Parker

After his crazy year five breakout last year, DeVante Parker is having a pretty quiet season. Last week I thought the whole Dolphins offense was going to finally break out. This was due to this year’s 5th overall pick making his NFL debut, Tua Tagovailoa. If you follow me you know that Tua is my guy and he was my QB1 in the class, but man if you watched that game and weren’t at least slightly disappointed you’d be lying. I was thinking Tua would step in and take the league over similar to how Burrow and Herbert have, but I was sadly confused to say the least. Tua is going to need time to adjust to the NFL and build up a connection with some of his receivers, this is why I’d be trying to sell Parker if you can. As of right now, he’s probably not an easy sell so he’d be easier to move in a package with another player on your roster, I would try to use Parker to upgrade one of your other starting positions. I don’t expect Parker to be a top 40 receiver the rest of the season at least until Tua gets more adjusted, by then there’s a chance you missed out on your fantasy playoffs. DeVante Parker’s fantasy playoff matchups are also very unfavorable, in weeks 14+15 they face the Patriots and the Chiefs who both rank in the top 10 for least passing yards allowed per game. I just don’t see a reason to hold Parker, he’s been TD dependent and his value will only continue to drop until it’s too late!


Jakobi Meyers

Jakobi Meyers is a player I’ve been buying all offseason, as a rookie last year he showed a few flashes and the Patriots don’t have many weapons on offense. To start the year it wasn’t great, Jakobi was playing less than 15% of the snaps and only had one catch until week 7. In week 7 is when things started to look a bit more positive for him, he played 79% of the snaps and caught four passes off of six targets. Nothing too special but it only gets better for him from there, after that game, it was announced that Julian Edelman was going to be heading to the IR. It’s never good hearing about an injury but for Jakobi this created a massive opportunity, this past weekend he had six catches on ten targets! With Edelman out for a minimum of two more weeks and some reports are saying he could miss the year, Jakobi looks to be getting a massive target share. With those ten targets he didn’t do much with them but I expect him to improve as the season goes on, he hasn’t had much time to get well adjusted on the field this season but he will. If Edelman does miss the rest of the season I see Jakobi having a good chance at being a top 30 receiver and there’s a very high chance he’s just sitting on the waiver wire in your league.


Robby Anderson

Truthfully I haven’t ever been a big fan of Robby Anderson but he’s surprised me big time this year. I’m not sure if it’s too many bad memories of his time spent(wasted) with the Jets but he’s just not an attractive player for me to want on my team. Currently ranked as the WR11 in PPR fantasy leagues he absolutely took the league by surprise. In all 8 games, this season he’s had at least five targets and 48 receiving yards, that season-low of 48 yards just happened this past week. One game isn’t a trend but it could be the start of one. Christian McCaffrey is also expected to return this week, I don’t see affecting Robby too much but I do believe there will be some games where Robby doesn’t get the same targets he’s been getting. Another player on that offense who has been getting hot recently is D.J. Moore even though the stats might not show it due to Teddy missing a few passes. D.J. and Robby have been splitting the duties as the teams go to receivers each week but I expect D.J. to take full control of that in the coming weeks, he’s just Moore talented. The fantasy playoff schedule for the Panthers isn’t too favorable for their receivers either, from weeks 14-16 they face three defenses in the top half of the league in the least passing yards allowed per game. Maybe I’m just letting my past hate make this decision for me but I would be selling Robby if I can. Currently ranked at WR11 he will be able to fetch you a pretty penny, you might even be able to do a straight swap and acquire Michael Thomas. I just don’t see a way that Robby can continue this production, Teddy isn’t a good enough QB to support two top 15 receivers. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Robby is outside the top 30 WR’s ROS.


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