Week 9: Top Returning Fantasy Players

By: Scott Mellgren ( @MNSportsGuru93 )

I want to start off by thanking Pro Football Mania for bringing me on board to write for them and give a glimpse into what my articles for the foreseeable future will be about.  We all know the 2020 NFL season has been wild and injuries have absolutely decimated Fantasy owners hopes and dreams, however, with that being said there have also been some big times positives that have come out of those injuries.  Guys like Travis Fulgham, Mike Davis, Justin Herbert, all of these guys came in and are producing at an elite level because of injury to the starter.  That’s what my articles will be about.  Each week, I will be diving into who is coming back from injury in said week and if you should pivot back to them or stay with the guy who has been the replacement for them.  Now that the groundwork has been laid let’s dive in!

  1. Christian McCaffrey

This one is an easy one to begin with.  Mike Davis has been an absolute Receiving monster at the RB position since C-MAC went down. However he has left some to be desired as it relates to actually running the ball–Averaging only 4 yards per attempt running the ball.  Now to answer your question. No, 4 yards per attempt is not bad.  However when you’re stacking that up against C-MAC who averages 5+ yards per carry. Sigh. Nobody would argue that Mike Davis has been a lifeline for those of us who were able to get him when McCaffrey went down but what you can’t argue is the fantasy monster that McCaffrey has been ever since coming into the league.  I would say this week Davis may have some value if they are easing C-MAC in but once CMAC is back to full force Davis is nothing but a handcuff like he had been prior to the injury. Keep an eye on the pitch count, because Davis has some value.

  1. Michael Thomas

My what a week to debut this article!  We have two consensus Top- 5 picks as the first two players I get the honor of writing about!  Regarding the Saints and Thomas, it’s been weird since his injury.  He comes back after the Saints have been doing decently without him however they are so beat up at WR that they need him in the lineup to catch Brees’ 5 yard slant passes.  If Thomas is active and you’ve been rostering him since his injury, he’s going to be in your lineup and he needs to be.  You have too much invested in him to let him blow up on your bench.  Start Mike Thomas. He’s playing a divisional foe on Sunday Night Football after returning from injury. The music is there–Trust Brees’s connection to Thomas. It’s worth the start over Tre’Quan Smith or Deonte Harris.

  1. Chris Godwin & Antonio Brown 

I know, I know… AB isn’t coming back from an injury… he does however play an important role in a very muddy offense from a fantasy football perspective.  Add in Godwin possibly coming back also and you have a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa Bay.  I’ll keep my advice regarding the whole Tampa Bay receiving core short and sweet: “ Wait and see “… if you are the owner of Godwin you may have no choice but to start him and that’s okay.  If he suits up, he’s a startable player every week especially based on his ADP.  However regarding AB– he has been out of the league for roughly a year.  Arians and the TB coaching staff are saying he looks really good in workouts since signing and he is apparently ready to go for Week 9.  Let’s be honest though the only reason he’s on your roster is that you got the headline on your phone first saying the Bucs were signing him and you beat your buddies to the waiver wire.  You should have the luxury of doing exactly what I stated above… Wait and see.

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