No. 4 Team

  1. Green Bay Packers

I love the Josh Allen hype train, but c’mon guys. I’ll be the first to admit–I had Buffalo has a Super Bowl pick, too. Right now, Aaron Rodgers is playing more efficiently than Josh Allen. That’s also saying that when A-rod hasn’t had a Top-20 WR in a few matchups. The juice between A-rod and Adams is on a historic pace. I trust Rodgers to maintain and utilize this combo more than a QB like Josh Allen or Tom Brady right now. On defense, I don’t love the Packers defense, but I like Pettine at defensive coordinator. I think there’s pass rush potential and Kenny Clark will be the key against Russell Wilson or Drew Brees in the postseason, with that game wrecking interior presence vs the shorter QBs. It’s been a struggling defense at much of the time, but It’s enough to help A-rod. As for Buffalo, I love the Seattle victory for the team that hasn’t had playoff success in a long time. But, this team got thrashed by Tennessee and they didn’t pull off a win against Kansas City. Those were bigger statement games in their own conference. Seattle has been in the quicksand since they lost to Arizona. Yet, Nobody likes AZ in even the Top-8. 

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