Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson might not have been one of the more talked about players this offseason like he was last year before his disappointing season but he has turned it around this season. Henderson has been taking advantage of all of his carries, averaging 4.8 yards per carry which is
top ten for all running backs. The first problem with Henderson like it has been all year is that he’s still splitting carries with two other running backs, but why is this more of a problem now? It hasn’t happened yet but I do expect Cam Akers to receive more of the workload as the season
continues, he’s had a fair amount of struggles but as the Rams slip out of the playoffs as the season goes on I expect his usage to go up. The reason I think the Rams won’t make the playoffs is based on how tight their division currently is and then their upcoming schedule. They have to play Seattle twice, Tampa Bay, and the Cardinals. These games are likely to be more fast-paced and the Rams will likely be passing more than they typically would. Unfortunately for Darrell Henderson, he isn’t featured very much in the passing game, that role has been split between Malcolm Brown and himself. Henderson is also currently sitting on the injury report after missing
practice on Wednesday, so keep your eyes open for that if you do own him you might want to sell fast! For all of these reasons Henderson is a massive sell for me, you should also be able to find an owner in your league that believes him to be the true RB1 of Rams and get good value for him. Also might not be a bad time to see if Cam Akers is available in your league just in case he takes over the backfield in time for the fantasy playoffs!

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