1. Dalvin Cook Minnoseta Vikings

Dalvin Cook (25) was a big fantasy player that you wanted on your team this year. Cook had 39.20 fantasy points. Cook rushed for two touchdowns for 206 yards. Cook also had two receptions for 46 yards. Dalvin Cook has been fantastic all season. His season stats are 144 attempts making him ranked 5th in the league. He has 858 yards, ranking him 1st in the league. He had 12 touchdowns, which also makes him 1st in the league in touchdowns. Cook has a 6.0 average of yards per rushing attempt. The Vikings beat the Lions 34-20.

  1. Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey (24) is back and out again. The Chiefs defense was having a problem with him all game. McCaffrey had 37.10 fantasy points. McCaffrey rushed for one touchdown for 69 yards. He had 10 receptions or 82 yards. One reception resulted in a touchdown. As of Week, 9, McCaffrey has 59 attempts for 225 yards. For this season, he had five touchdowns and has a 3.8 average per rushing attempt. The Panthers fell to the Chiefs 31-33.

  1. J.D. McKissic Washington Football Club

J.D. McKissic (27) suffered a rough game against the New York Giants. McKissic had 17.20 fantasy points. McKissic rushed for 17 yards. He also had nine receptions for 65 yards. McKissic had 35 attempts for 168 yards so far this season. He averages 4.8 per rushing attempt. The Washington Football Club fell to the Giants 20 -23.

  1. Kalen Ballage Los Angeles Chargers

Kalen Ballage (24) suffered a tough game against the Raiders. Ballage had 16.40 fantasy points. Ballage rushed for 69 yards and scored one touchdown. He had two receptions for 15 yards. Ballage has a career average of 128 attempts for 408 yards. He has five touchdowns and a 3.2 average per rushing attempt. The Chargers fell to the Raiders 26-31.

  1. Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara (25) and the entire New Orleans Saints team just finished embarrassing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kamara had 15.90 fantasy points. Kamara rushed for 40 yards for one touchdown. Kamara had five receptions for nine yards. Kamara has 96 season attempts for 471 yards. He has five touchdowns, which ranks him 7th in the league. Kamara has a 4.9 average per rushing attempt. The Saints demolished the Buccaneers 38-3.

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