Wide Receivers

  1. Richi James San Franciso 49ers

Richi James (25) is the number one wide receiver in Week 9 of fantasy. James had 33.40 fantasy points. James had nine receptions for 184 yards and scored one touchdown. He has an average of 20.4 yards per reception. The 49ers have been struggling since their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got injured. The 49ers fell to the Packers 17-34.

  1. Davante Adams Green Bay Packers

Davante Adams (27) was another big hitter on the fantasy board. Adams had 33.30 fantasy points. Adams had 10 receptions for 173 yards and scored one touchdown. Since Adams came from his injuries, he has been a force on the field and a gift to your fantasy team. Adams has 53 receptions making him 10th in the league. He has 675 yards, eight touchdowns, and an average of 12.7 yards per reception.

3. Tyreek Hill Kansas City Chiefs

Tyreek Hill (26) is a true talent. Hill had 33.10 fantasy points. Hill had nine receptions for 113 yards and scored two touchdowns. Hill rushed for eight yards. Hill has been having a great season. He has 44 receptions making him ranked 16th in the league. As of Week, 9, Hill has 650 yards, nine touchdowns, and a 14.8 yards per reception. The Chiefs beat the Panthers 33-31.

  1. Jakobi Meyers New England Patriots

New England Patriots have been having a rough season. However, Jakobi Meyers (24) had a great game against the Jets. Meyers had 28.90 fantasy points. Meyers had 12 receptions for 169 yards. At the end of Week 9, Meyers has 294 yards. He has 23 receptions making him ranked 99th in the league. Meyers has an average of 12.8 yards per reception. The Patriots fought to the end and beat the Jets 30-27.

  1. D.J. Chark Jr. Jacksonville Jaguars

D.J. Chark Jr. (24) made the fantasy board top five for this week. Chark had 27.60 fantasy points. He had seven receptions for 146 yards and scored one touchdown. As of Week, 9, Chark has 437 yards, four touchdowns, and has 33 receptions making him ranked 41st for the season. Chark averages 13.2 yards per reception. The Jaguars fell to the Texans 25-27.

This concludes the Week 9 leaders in Fantasy. Week 10 has a line up of games that are going to be electrifying. Which allows those that had a rough week to be able to turn their teams around. For the fantasy users who have been coasting at the top, keep a lookout for sleeper players because they will make a difference.

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