2021 NFL Mock Draft: Top-10 Selections

By: Jake Rajala

We all know the dilemma surrounding the team in the big apple and an imminent No. 1 pick in line come April.

Well, after last week’s Monday Night Football, it seems crystal clear-the New York Jets may not win a game this season. Their 30-27 loss against a rebuilding Patriots squad delt them an 0-9 record.

Outside of the Jets struggles at every phase of the game, the Jaguars aren’t far behind. Minshew Mania cost Jacksonville the No. 1 pick because he played the hero in Week 1. All in all, there’s a slew of teams primed for a Top-10 pick, clear favorites, for the Top-5 slots, and there’s a couple of teams closer to getting the Top-2 selections. With that being said let’s attack those teams by projecting which player could land with the particular NFL squad.

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