No. 4 Heisman Candidate

4. Mac Jones-QB-Alabama

The Alabama royalty at QB has freakish statistics thus far. He flexes his 16 passing touchdowns, to 2 interceptions. He also leads Alabama, Nick Saban, and the No. 1 offense out of the tunnel each week. I believe he gets a bump up in this tight race for that factor.

The problem with me is that he’s only had 10 starts over the last two years. Well, outside of draft concerns, I’m not sure if he can hit a much higher ceiling moving forward this season. It impresses me more that other QBs have either been there and done it, like Lawrence. Or players like Trask are posing the top numbers in multiple games this year and they manage to improve that numbers-especially on less talented squads.

Jones has a lot of potentials, but I don’t love him to keep pace with Trask and I expect Lawrence to build off his profile down the second half of the season.

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