Taysom Hill

I know what you’re reading. Everybody witnessed Jameis Winston take over in the second half for Drew Brees when he left the game.

As stated in Sports Illustrated and my recent piece on the Outlook of Brees’s injury, I believe there’s more than meets the eye.

For 1. Taysom Hill has a plethora of meetings during the week, for his main role-which is WR, TE, wild-cat, and special teams. For 2. I think it’s very telling that Hill has more potential and expectations when he got an increase in QB reps, while Winston just was given check-downs (one almost intercepted), and 3. last but not least: Taysom Hill was a 3rd down machine. Hill was given the nod for the most crucial down, which may be foretelling that they need him in pivotal moments.

I know that Winston is a former No. 1 overall pick, passing yardage leader in 2019, but don’t buy all the hype that Winston will likely start. The Saints aren’t paying the 30-year-old Hill to play slot WR and punt block. If you acquire Hill and he breaks out like many dual-threat QBs across the league, you could have one of the biggest steals for Hill in that lethal offense.

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