Kansas City Chiefs

I was really high on the Saints making the jump to No. 1, but they can’t seem to keep their elite players healthy. First Michael Thomas, then Sanders got COVID, and now Drew Brees is injured for 3-6 weeks. The Saints bump from No. 2 to No. 3, then the indestructbale Steelers bump up to No. 2. All in all, the No. 1 team stays the same from Week 10 to Week 11.

The Kansas City Chiefs land at No. 1! Okay, they have a MNF header against the Raiders. Are we going to see the Chiefs follow suit of the Buccaneers by getting clobbered by their division rival in both games, or did the Chiefs just lose a good game last time? We will soon find out.

With the Chiefs, their QB puts them at No. 1 on the list. After watching the Steelers barely edge out Carson Wentz and Ben NiCucci, I don’t believe they are ready to see Mahomes. CEH is on his way to snagging Offensive Rookie of The Year, while Travis Kelce appears to be the best TE in all of football. On defense, Chris Jones is having a career year, while the Honey Badger is healthy and locking down the back end.

I don’t think think the Chiefs or another team are better than any No. 1 team in the last few years, but I don’t know if Mahomes couldn’t beat the in primetime with one drive to go.

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