Tee Higgens

Man crush in full effect with this one. Higgins is not only shown to be the best rookie wide receiver but already the best receiver on his team as well. Since getting his first real playing time in Week 3 he’s done nothing but impress the football world.

Higgins has pushed once superstar A.J. Green basically out of relevance. Take a look at what Higgin’s has done in fantasy since being given the opportunity.

  • Week 3: 21.0 Fantasy Points
  • Week 4: 13.0 Fantasy Points
  • Week 5: 10.2 Fantasy Points
  • Week 6: 18.7 Fantasy Points
  • Week 7: 18.8 Fantasy Points
  • Week 8: 14.4 Fantasy Points
  • Week 9: BYE
  • Week 10: 22.5 Fantasy Points

He not only is providing a high upside but also is giving you a 10 point floor. Only elite wide receivers give you the ability to score in the 20s and consistently give you the floor of 10 plus. Since Week 6, he has been out of this world good. He is trending big time right now.

I’m grabbing Higgen’s in any league that I can. He is the perfect flex for the rest of the season. Grab him now with an easy playoff schedule and ride off into a fantasy championship.

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