2. J.K. Dobbins

J.K. Dobbins was another highly sought after running back in this year’s rookie class. The minicamp buzz surrounding Dobbins goes to show the serious mental hurdle many rookies face when they fail to relapse that “NFL” success during the year.

Finding his home with the Baltimore Ravens had the NFL world abuzz about how unstoppable he might soon be. It would be deemed sexy that he was paired with Lamar in the backfield.

Unfortunately for fantasy owners, with the backfield split in Baltimore, he has turned out to be a risky RB4 at best. Lamar is No. 1, per usual. Ingram and Gus Edwards have earned more production than the young buck, too.

Let’s face it–Dobbins has not totaled more than 7 touches in any game when all three of the Raven’s running backs are healthy. 

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