More Top-Returning Players

  1. Joe Mixon

If you’re a Mixon owner you are more than ready for his triumphant return!  Let’s be honest–you’ve been ready for it for about the last month and it hasn’t happened yet. 

Gio Bernard has been a very nice fill-in for Mixon but I say if Mixon is back he needs to be starting for you, especially if you didn’t have the luxury of getting Gio. 

The issue with fantasy this year and the RB position specifically is all the injuries at the position leading you to make tough decisions because you have no other choice… and I think there is a world where you could start both Mixon and Bernard at RB and Flex respectively for that FIRST week when Mixon is back. 

See what happens and go from there.  Eventually, though Mixon is the guy at some point.

  1. Allen Lazard

Allen Lazard is a tough one.  He was coming on a bit before his injury status took over (against New Orleans) and I think Lazard will be the WR2 on this Packers offense the rest of the season.

I could see a scenario where you’re picking up Lazard to play him in that juicy Packers schedule for the playoffs… Fantasy playoffs that are.  Give me hands down the Lazard King over Valdez-Scantling rest of the season.

  1. Other guys to watch:

Chris Carson is returning next week! I assume with them playing Thursday night this week, and getting that extra layover rest, He’s definitely the guy in Seattle when he does come back. 

Christian McCaffery will also show up next week in the Returning players article from me I believe as well. 

All of these guys back just in time for Fantasy Football’s playoffs to begin?  SIGN ME UP!

Thank you all so much for the time! Can’t wait to be back next week with more Returning players and insight into how to dominate your leagues! Until then thank you a bunch and take care!

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