3 TE Busts in Week 11

The Week 11 NFL action is right around the corner. Fantasy Football Playoffs are a few hour car ride on cruise control away from taking place.

We all know Holiday shopping consumers our time, life is full of necessary moments, the Mandalorian is on Disney +, but we all make it a priority to address fantasy football–most importantly, our prized teams.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal. All line-ups need to be crystal clear, and planned with precision. In your fleet of fantasy soliders, there’s often moments where your victory/loss is a few points away from losing.

In close fantasy situations, especially in a loss, we all know it’s painful to look on the bench and see that our No. 2 TE outscored our No. 1 TE by a losing margin.

It’s inexcusable to lose, no matter the cause. The TE situation needs to handled just as seriously as the QB group, RB group, WR rank, and Flex spot. That will entirely be the focus of this fantasy football piece. I’m going to unravel three TEs that will fade in Week 11.

Let’s get things started!

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