Curtis Samuel

The Panthers swiss army knife is explosive enough to reach the end-zone anytime when he has the football in his hands. He’s the closest thing to Percey Harvin, and it’s impressive to see him regain his draft value.

I believe Samuel is the most underrated flex player in the last few seasons. In PPR leagues, he’s 5th in WR ranking over the last four games. The scary part is that one game was a performance of 4.2 points.

The low performance combined with other factors may scare away fantasy addicts, but it should be noted that it was his season low performance and their QB, Bridgewater left early in the contest.

I understand that Carolina isn’t stable at the QB spot and he’s playing in an offense with two WRs over 800 receving yards. His snap count also doesn’t tell the tale of the typical rising WR, but he makes the magic happen per play. He’s too dangerous to not be sought out. This is the type of player that can bring you over the top and sneak up on opponents, as he’s only rostered in 53.5% of leauges.

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