Fantasy: 5 Last-Minute Trade Values

The trade deadline for all leagues is almost here! We all know that risks are more likely towards the end of the line here, and we may give in to a little bit of fun of making that big splash trade.

Trading is very neccesary & it can push your team over the top. Especially, if you’re missing one consistent player, or you just suffered an agonizing injury.

The trade deadline for the few leagues left is noon on Nov. 25th. So, what are we going to do here? I’m going to give you 5 players that aren’t household names in the sleeper category or necessarily “star” column.

These five players are on the verge of being stars, but more importantly–these players have are trending at the right time & their schedules are very favorable. So, let’s get started. I’m going to deliver the profiles and you can decide if you want to roll the dice.


1) Chase Edmonds, RB, Arizona Cardinals

This Cardinals stud at RB has been a pleasant surprise for Arizona. If you have watched a Cardinals game, it would be hard to miss this Jamal Charles clone.

As of late, Edmonds has been on a tear. Here’s his last four match-up totals, Week 7: 21.5 points, Week 8: BYE, Week 9: 11.8 points, Week 10: 10.7 points, and Week 11: 14.9 points.

He’s a true pillar of consistency and he’s getting in a groove as the MVP candidate, Kyler Murray heats up. Teams are accounting for Hopkins, Kirk, and Fitz, but they’re getting killed by 10-minute drives of Edmonds getting constant passes to the flats.

The most promising aspect of Edmonds has to lie with his upcoming battles.

Here’s his last three games: Week 14 @ NYG, Week 15: vs PHI, and Week 16: vs SF. Those are all decaying defenses and putrid run defenses, who boast poor talent at the LB position, too. He put up 13.5 points against SF in Week 1, we should see a 16-20 point effort in their next date.

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