Tua Tagovailoa

I believe this is the biggest trap at QB starts. Everybody sees “Tua” and “New York Jets”, they will assume automatic bounce back game. The Jets may lack a lot of talent on defense, but they aren’t a complete slouch.

Tua was getting pelted and he was making irrational decisions before he got benched in Week 11. What do the Jets do on defense? They get under your skin. Gregg Williams will rattle your cage, especially if he smells blood.

We should remember “Brett Rypien”. The young QB for Denver who filled in for Drew Lock back in Week 4. He was getting complex looks, he didn’t have great protection, and he took a few foul shots, and he ended the game with 11.8 points against gang green.

It’s also important to note that the QB who filled in for Tua last week, Ryan Fitzpatrick, finished with just 16 points in Week 6 against the Jets. (His second worst performance on the year). Josh Allen also finished with 16.38 points against the Jets in their last game.

This is a massive trap game for fantasy owners and I would sit Tua out of this divisional blood bath.

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