Taysom Hill

The Saints dual-threat QB is starting to look like an efficent passer that’s elite at running the football, was just added to Sean Payton’s orchestra.

Taysom Hill was deadly in Week 11, as he tossed up 250+ passing yards, but also had 2 rushing touchdowns. I believe we’re still not seeing the full-Taysom Hill. I know that sounds scary, and I believe it is.

As Charles Woodson said at half-time of the Saints/Falcons game, it was a bit surprising that Hill didn’t get any read-option plays. I think we will see more of Hill running the ball against Denver in Week 12.

It’s also important to note that Alvin Kamara was limited in practice during the week. We saw Murray get more touches in the run game and all of the screens his way. Kamara: 0 receptions

Nonetheless, Hill has proved to be a threat in the passing game. Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are clearly in sync. That was evident in both of their touchdowns/or several reception outings. I think it’s very fair to say that an explosive QB in Sean Payton’s offense could easily put 4-5 touchdowns up against soft defenses in the upcoming weeks.

The best part about Taysom Hill is that he gets to play Atlanta in Week 13! Ouch, sorry Falcon fans. Then he faces off against a Vikings defense that was just shredded by Andy Dalton, in Week 14!

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