Three Week 12 TE Sleepers

By: Vonora Natish: @Nora_Natish

Week 12 is here and Fantasy Football Playoffs are still in effect. Those who teams have been dominating all season, keep it up just a little longer! (baby). For those who have been getting demolished all season, there’s always next year. However, to the people who are floating in the middle, there is still hope to slide into that last playoff spot.

As the season continues to go on, the Fantasy Football Playoffs are right around the corner. When drafting, the main priority was to get that quarterback, running back, and receiver. However, you forgot your tight end!

Are you tired of falling short and looking at your bench in disgusts and disappointment? Look to add a TE to bring your team to glory. Tight ends are extremely vital in FF. If you have a stellar team and the TE goes off, chances are that you will win your match-up.

In this bite, the tight end is exactly what will be discussed. Let’s get started,

Dalton Schultz

Dalton Schultz is back! He has been ranked number 10 in the Top 20 TEs have as of last week. Schultz was on fire last week against the Vikings. That’s evident below. Schultz was targeted six times for 25 yards, which resulted in a touchdown.

Schultz has been a steady target for all the following quarterbacks that the Dallas Cowboys went through this season, however, Andy Dalton has been his best match. This season, Schultz has 39 receptions for 408 yards. He averaged 10.5 yards per reception. He also has three touchdowns this season. Schultz has accumulated 56.8 fantasy points.

Washington is elite against the pass, but Dalton should have another solid performance against a team that doesn’t make plays on offense. Expect Dallas to get a couple of turnovers on defense and Dalton to connect with Dalton. The TE Dalton has a good floor in this one.

Jonnu Smith

The Tennessee Titans are enjoying the fruits of the labor with Jonnu Smith. Smith has been the X-factor in making Tanny looking like a sneaky MVP. Smith has been a fantasy steal.

After beating the Ravens in an action pack overtime game, Smith was targeted six times. Within those six targets, Smith had four receptions for 20 yards. He averaged five yards per reception and had one touchdown.

Jonnu Smith is a must grab this week. His statistics do not lie. At this point in the season, Smith has 30 receptions for 338 yards. He averages 11.3 yards per reception. Smith scored 7 touchdowns this year and accumulated 81.9 fantasy points.

The Titian will be going up against the Colts for the division lead. Ryan Tannehill has been viewing Smith as an asset all season, it is wise that you do too!

Mike Gesicki

The Miami Dolphins have been shocking this year. As they sit with a 6-4 record and advanced to 2nd in the AFC East conference, they’re on a roll. After the 13-20 loss from the Denver Broncos last weekend, Miami can not afford another slip-up. Mike Gesicki has been increasing in performance each week. During the Broncos game, Gesicki was targeted five times. He had four receptions for 43 yards, which mapped out to 10.75 yards per receptions.

Mike Gesicki’s season stats are 28 receptions for 414 yards and he averages 14.8 yards per reception. Gesicki is tied for 63rd in number of yards, 97th in receptions, and 75th in touchdowns. At this point in the season, Gesicki has 53.4 fantasy points.

Not only has Gesiki turned on the Jets, but expect a young Tua to lean on him after getting benched in Week 11.

The Dolphins have another division game this upcoming weekend. As the Dolphins prepare to face the Jets, it may be wise to put the Penn State hero in.

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