“Black Friday Deals”-Deep Waiver Wire!

By: Rich Maletto (Twitter: @BodaciousBeer)

Since it’s Thanksgiving Weekend and of course the infamous “Black Friday” deals, I thought I would share my deals and steals of this holiday weekend.  These players are largely available on the waiver wire and could be very helpful for the stretch run. Let’s not forget, the playoffs are upon us. Leagues like the Razzbowl have already started the playoffs, while many home leagues have 1-3 weeks left of the regular season.  It’s go time folks!

QB “Black Friday” Deals – Daniel Jones, Mike Glennon

Let’s start at the quarterback position. Historically speaking, there’s always an injury or two that impacts the QB position, but I can’t remember a time when we head into week twelve with so many questions at the signal caller spot.  

We are hopeful to have Kyler Murray for the week. It’s still unknown if it’s Flacco or Darnold, not that we are actively looking to play these guys, but in super-flex or two QB leagues, these guys do matter.

At the time of writing this, we just got word about who’s starting in Chicago this week. Then there’s The Vid mess with Lamar Jackson. Add to our headaches, we had two Thursday’s games, and it was supposed to be three, and really two quarterbacks you have potentially started this week already played, Dalton and Smith, are largely available out there.

So, who are some QBs to turn to? Would you believe in yahoo leagues, Daniel Jones is only 34% rostered? I get never everyone is in a Superflex league, but with the way he has played lately, and the fact he’s facing the Bengals, I would be sure he’s at least rostered.

Has Jones set the world on fire? No, but in the last four weeks, he’s been over 15 points each week and had 2 weeks over 20 points. Granted, his legs are helping the cause, but that’s something you should be counting on.

If the last 4 weeks don’t excite you, maybe the schedule between now and week fifteen does. The Giants face the Bengals, Seahawks, Cardinals, and the Browns.  You could do a lot worse than those matchups for your quarterback.

The next QB might only be a decent one week fill in. Mike Glennon, does not have his weapons this week, with Chark out, Shenault questionable, Westbrook on IR, and overall a lack luster selection of options at tight end.

With that said, the Jags face a Cleveland defense that will be without Denzel Ward, who has carried this defense. He has been a shutdown corner, and he is out, potentially for a couple of weeks.

The Browns defense has improved since earlier in this year, they are not the sieves they started the year being, but that Jacksonville defense has been soft.

I see the Browns running with success, putting up points and forcing the Jags to throw. And regardless of what weapons are there, whether its dump-offs to James Robinson, or some deep bombs to Keelan Cole, someone has to catch the ball. Maybe Eifert and O’Shaughnessy end up being solid weapons for the week, stranger things have happened.

We don’t know if Glennon will be the guy going forward, Minshew could be back, and we know enough about Glennon that he isn’t a starting QB in the NFL, but he has flashed as a backup a few times. If I was in a bind, and I am in a Superflex league, I am rolling out Glennon for the week.

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