Kenny Stills: Top-5 Landing Spots

It’s been reported that Texans have shipped out another prominent WR, since trading away DeAndre Hopkins in the off-season. There have been rumors of shipping away big-name players like J.J. Watt, due to their combined cap situation & low win total on the season.

Stills is only 28 years old and he’s posted impressive numbers in the past few seasons. He recorded a 58-847-6 mark in 2017, 37-553-6 in 2018, and 40-561-4 in 2019. Not bad for a No. 3 WR during the majority of that span. His deep-threat ability is what makes him special.

The issue lies with his 6.975 cap figure on the season. He’s also been vocal about the Texan’s issues with their PR. He’s made it public. All in all, it’s been a mutual decision between the notable WR and Houston to split ways.

With that said, let’s break down “five” most likely fits for this prized WR who’s looking for a new home at this unlikely time of the year!

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