Week 12: 5 Bold Predictions/ 5 Sleepers/ 5 Stars to Fade

by Scott Mangan (Twitter: @fantasyspatula)

I’m writing this from the future. A time where 2020 seems so unpredictable. Back in your time (on November 29th 2020), things have looked a lot different–I know you’re really not sure how this NFL season will end.

I get it. I was there. So that’s why I can help you. I’m going to dissect fantasy material for you today. There’s so much feed & content to get to. And we all know what lies ahead-Playoffs.

To maximize our Championship focus, we need to be crystal clear at this point. There is a lot of potential in the lineups for Week 12. From quarterbacks in shootouts, defenses facing off against opponents with no QB, and flex players breaking out every second.

Let’s dive in to a polarizing overview of some action pre-Week 12! Let’s get things started.

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