Week 12: 5 Bold Predictions

1. Daniel Jones throws for over 300 yards & scores 4 touchdowns

Daniel Jones has to deal with so much unfair criticism it’s borderline ridiculous.  The guy went out and had an above average rookie season in 2019 behind a laughably horrendous offensive line, in the shadow of a franchise icon, and under a lame duck coaching staff, but all anyone can talk about are the fumbles.  It’s the same turnover issue that HOFers like Peyton Manning, Warren Moon, John Elway, and even Tom Brady had early in their careers. 

Now, I’m not saying Jones is a HOFer.  I’m just saying, let’s cut the dude some slack.  He’s shown real upside thus far and Week 12 could be another reminder of that. 

Now in his second offensive system in as many pro seasons, Jones finds himself getting comfortable as the roster and organization finally begin to resemble an actual (somewhat competent) franchise.  He’s facing a weak Bengals’ defense which has had serious problems creating pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  This should allow Jones some extra time to find his favorite downfield/red zone target in wide receiver Darius Slayton. 

Remember, Jones has a knack for having blow up games against subpar opponents.  He put up five 300+ yard performances in his first 11 starts last season.  Three of those games resulted in him throwing for 4 or more touchdowns (with zero interceptions in all of them).

Given that his rushing floor has risen in 2020 and the fact that the Giants are coming off a bye week, I like his chances of having a season best game here in Week 12.

2. Robby Anderson Top 5 WR

Teddy B is back behind center for Carolina and boy does he love throwing the pigskin to Robby Anderson. 

Robby A is averaging 9 targets and 77 yards per game with Bridgewater at QB, but while Robby is 4th in the NFL in receptions and holds a 27% team target share he has only scored one measly touchdown this year. Lemme ask you something? Do you think Robby frickin’ Anderson is only going to score one touchdown this entire frickin’ season?

Have you ever heard of positive regression? Well, that starts this week for him.  Expect Robby A to reach pay dirt this week and put up a Top 5 WR performance.

3. Cam Akers is the next rookie RB to have break out game

2020 has been a strange season for many reasons.  One of which is the fact that NFL rookies were starting their careers at an extreme disadvantage compared to their predecessors.  I figured this would delay the breakouts from running backs and I wasn’t wrong (once again… from the future = me).  

One such running back that has had a rough transition to the NFL is the uber-talented Cam Akers.  Not only did he start the season with the aforementioned adjustment obstacles, but he’s dealt with multiple injuries that have stunted his growth in year 1. 

In Week 12 the Rams running game is going to be looking for a spark. In recent weeks, Akers’ involvement in the offense has been trending in the right direction.  This could be his coming out party. I mean… it will be his coming out party.

4. Brian Hill finishes as a Top-10 RB

It was only a matter of time before Todd Gurley’s knee acted up/the Falcons decided they wanted to see what they have in Brian Hill. Word out of Atlanta early in the season was that Hill is beloved by his teammates and that he regularly outplayed Gurley in practices.

With Gurley ruled out for Week 12, it’s now Brian Hill’s time to show what he’s got.  He takes over a role that has seen Gurley score the 3rd most touchdowns this season while seeing the 2nd most red-zone touches amongst all running backs in the NFL. 

Valuable touches should be coming Hill’s way in a game that is pegged for a 53.5 O/U by Vegas with the Falcons only a 3 point underdog.

5. Jarvis Landry scores 2 touchdowns 

In last week’s article I had Jarvis Landry as a “sleeper.”  I thought he was due to put up a big game.  Going into Week 12 my feelings haven’t changed.  

The man still hasn’t scored a touchdown on the season.  Facing a bottom barrel secondary in the Jacksonville Jaguars, there’s no better opportunity for Landry to get into the end zone. I know the Browns don’t throw much and that Baker Mayfield is as Jekyll and Hyde as they come, but someone needs to feed Jarvis his due. Get the man the ball!

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