Week 13: Streaming D/ST Units

By: Chris Robin @DetroitBeastie

If you’re reading this then that must mean one of two things… One, you’re still in the running for a playoff spot and care about your team. Two, you’ve already been eliminated and you want to cover intriguing fantasy content. Either way, it’s great news!

Not going to spend a ton of time here going on and on. Week 13 is fast approaching. Which is shocking in its own right! Honestly, if you’re still streaming DST’s then my hats off to you! We’re more alike than you know!

At this point in the season, there are clear cut favorites. Clear cut good teams playing easily defeated bad teams. Do we agree on that? Also, there are several teams listed below you wouldn’t think are available to stream.

Given the point in the season, you never know!  Let’s get rolling! Here are my ten favorite DST streamers in Week 13!

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons
The last time these two got together a few weeks ago–Matt Ryan was sacked EIGHT times! Since the Saints have skyrocketed up defensive rankings.

They have several high-flying players in their secondary along with a set of very active linebackers. Is Julio in? Will Todd Gurley play? Atlanta is going nowhere fast while the Saints have NFC Championship aspirations. 

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals Without Joe Burrow who will be the starting QB Sunday for Cincinnati? Ryan Finley or Brandon Allen? Not to be rude but does it matter? Stacking any DST against Cincinnati would be wise. No need to say much more than that!

Minnesota Vikings vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
So if you noticed last week Mike Glennon wasn’t awful in week 12. Throughout his career, he’s been bad. Like taking three sacks a game bad. He’s a backup QB for a reason. I’m betting the farm Mike sinks back into that awful QB territory in week 13!

Minnesota is only 24th in pressure rate and 24th in overall sacks. While the Jaguars are 25th in allowing sacks. If Minshew, Chark, and Conley are out again this week then that would bump the Vikes up my list!

Baltimore Ravens vs. Dallas Cowboys In a perfect world, Lamar Jackson will be healthy and starting at QB for Baltimore in Week 13. If that’s the case then I expect them to roll the Cowboys. Having watched Baltimore without Jackson well, that’s a different story.

Regardless, we need to mention Andy Dalton and his floor rather than his ceiling this week. Plus, the Cowboys are the most generous in giving opposing DST’s points. 

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions Stop me if you’ve heard this one, Mitchell Trubisky torches the Lions. I know this a defensive streaming article but a good offense helps the defense! Without mention numbers and statistics here I’d like a moment of your time.

What way is the Detroit Lions going to head the rest of this season? Are they going to lie down and die or are they going to fight? I have my own opinions but I don’t want that to cloud my judgment.

Fandom aside, the Bears and their upside is limited here. They are 25th overall in pressure rate and 20th in total sacks. The million-dollar question is the status of Kenny G and Swift. If they are both inactive yet again the Chicago Bears climb the Week 13 DST ranks.

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