WR Will Fuller V, Houston Texans

The Texan’s speedster was looking promising to staying healthy for the whole 2020 campaign. Until after Week 12, Fuller has been suspended for 6 games by the NFL for violating the non-performance enhancing substance policy.

Although Fuller technically was healthy, his season was cut short once again due to taking prescribed medication that was against the NFL’s policies. What does this mean for the wideout’s future with the Texans?

Taking away one of your deadliest weapons usually isn’t a team’s plan but the question is, will they be willing to dump money into a receiver who can’t log a full season? Obviously, there is a risk/reward attached with Fuller, as we have seen this season.

Fuller was on pace to have a career-best season and was clicking with quarterback Deshaun Watson in every aspect. The Texans are favorites to keep the 26-year-old but that doesn’t take away that Fuller’s name was thrown around in many trades.

With that being said, teams looking to add one more piece to complete their puzzle could aggressively pursue him. Fuller would instantly bring speed and athleticism to a team lacking in the receiver category.

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