2021 NFL Mock Draft Cont.

7) Carolina Panthers- QB Zach Wilson- BYU

I see lots of buzz around Kyle Pitts landing here, but Carolina isn’t in a position like LAC–where they can stack up around their QB. The Panthers may not be able to grab a QB like Zach Wilson for quite a while, if they stick with their commitment to Teddy.

Let’s face it–they play in a divison where the Buccaneers are second-place. They need to take risks. OC Joe Brady wants to attack vertically and they can finally land their QB to truly rack up big plays for C-MAC, Robby Anderson on deep passes, & Curtis Samuel in a variety of ways.

8) Washington Football Team-QB-Trey Lance-North Dakota State

I believe this selection will be yet another slam dunk mock draft-to-actual draft pick fit. Alex Smith is impressing from his come-back journey and his team may sneak in a play-off spot, but the 36-year-old QB will resume mentoring duties with Lance at the building.

Trey Lance would be a slam-dunk selection here–assuming a team doesn’t trade their chips up to snag the NDSU magician. An Andrew Luck-clone is at the midst for WASH.

9) Detroit Lions- DE Kwity Paye-Michigan

The Lions tried to ressurect their edge pressure in a horrid Patricia unit, but Everson Griffin hasn’t been their savior. Paye is a lethal brut who comes in at 6’4, 270 & he can play inside/outside, plus his high-motor brings a high ceiling.

The Cameron Jordan/J.J. Watt look-alike lands perfectly in the Top-10 for a Lions defense missing a pass rush since Ziggy Ansah.

10) Atlanta Falcons- TE Kyle Pitts- Florida

Atlanta will likely be participating in the Top-10 area of the draft & Pitts could go anywhere from 6-15. I know Hurst fits like a glove for a hot offense with Julio-Gurley-Ryan, but this team could really open up with Kyle Pitts.

Pitts’s floor is likely at Darren Waller’s caliber and his ceiling goes beyond Vernon Davis. This draft ought to feature one of the strongest all-around players in recent memory, so it should be a steal for a somewhat-not atrocious team to land the freak TE out of FL.

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