5 Bold Predictions

  1. Dez Bryant scores his first touchdown since December 10th 2017

Revenge games are a thing.  Why? I dunno. They just are.  

You know when Dez signed with the Ravens a few weeks ago that he circled this game against the Cowboys on his calendar.  (Because you know… Dez Bryant still has an actual physical calendar on his wall?)

Dez has seen 7 targets over the past couple of weeks and the Cowboys cornerbacks couldn’t cover a receiver if they were using a tarp.  It sets up well for ol’ number 88 to get back into the end zone for the first time in three years.  Personally, I’d like to see it.  I love it whenever someone scores against the Cowboys.

2. Alvin Kamara scores 2 touchdowns and runs for over 80 yards

Many in the fantasy football community have spent the past week mourning the loss of Alvin Kamara RB1.  The story goes that Taysom Hill killed his season.  But I think there’s more to it than that. 

Kamara has been banged up and Sean Payton knows that if the Saints are going to go deep in the playoffs this year that a healthy Alvin Kamara is a necessary part of the equation. 

But here in Week 13 the Saints are holding onto a one game lead over the Packers and Seahawks for the #1 seed in the NFC.  Every game is a must win, but a road game versus the division rival Falcons (who are coming off of a big win) holds a bit more importance.

I expect we see a healthier Kamara get high value touches and help his team put another W in the books. People are acting like Alvin isn’t possibly the most talented running back in football. Get out of here with that nonsense.

3. Austin Ekeler finishes the week as the overall RB1

The long awaited return of Austin Ekeler in Week 12 went just as we expected.  He saw 18% of his team’s targets (16 total) and caught 11 passes for 85 yards. 

He ran for another 44 yards and put up 23.9 PPR without even sniffing the end zone.  150 total yards and a touchdown (or two) versus a Patriots defense that is susceptible to pass-catching running backs is a very real possibility. 

Maybe it’s not that bold of a prediction after all, but Ekeler is ready to smash for all of his patient owners. They used to call this guy “Alvin Kamara Lite,” but I’d say he’s making a name for himself as we speak.

4. The Cincinnati Bengals get shutout by the Miami Dolphins

A rare shout out to a DST here.  The Bengals offense fell off a cliff last week without #1 overall pick Joe Burrow. 

Burrow had been bailing out this putrid offensive line all season, but with backup Brandon Allen under center, the ineptitude of their offense was exposed for all to see.  With Joe Mixon missing yet another game this team is looking at an extremely uphill battle against a formidable defense. 

The Dolphins give up the second least points per game in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if the Bengals don’t score a touchdown this week. 

5. Taysom Hill throws for a touchdown

While the Falcons have played much better under interim head coach Raheem Morris, they are still a plus-match up for opposing teams when it comes to fantasy football production.  They are especially generous to the quarterback position. 

The Falcons are allowing 306 passing yards per game this season and over 8 yards per pass attempt.  Hill now has a couple starts under his belt.  I think he just may be ready to try throwing the ball into the end zone.

We saw Taysom throw for only 74 yards last week against the Broncos and while that’s hardly inspiring we need only go back two weeks to see that he threw for 233 yards against this very same Falcons defense.  It doesn’t seem like a “Bold Prediction” to say that a starting quarterback will throw for a single touchdown in a game, but it’s 2020 and here we are.

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