Week 14: 5 Early Waiver Wire Adds

By: Jake Rajala (Twitter: @rajala_jake)

The NFL saga is all but polished up with Week 13. Insert two MNF contests & a rare Tuesday night feature, then onwards–Week 14 is on the horizon.

As we enter Week 14, fantasy coverage can be looked at in two ways. Either you’re in the playoffs & you’re becoming laser focus with information to gain potential adds—or you’re out of the loop & you just enjoy covering supreme football content for DraftKings, betting, and perhaps, mere entertainment.

All in all, the show must go on. And I’m here to supply crucial FF criteria, so as the meme in Austin Powers portrays– “Let me, help you”. And help you, I will!

Alas! Let’s dissect this modus operandi, friends! Or should I say—“fanatsy brothers and sisters”!

  1. Jalen Hurts-QB-Philadelphia Eagles

After the NFL world saw the dual-threat QB Taysom Hill obliterate defenses, teams will be BOLTing to the wire & praying on Hurts being the next dual-threat QB phenom.

Hurts showed the NFL audience how gutsy and talented he was with a 4th and 18 conversion for a TD. Upon being displayed in the 3rd QT, Hurts finished with 10 pts. Hurts’s stat line goes as follows: 109, 1 TD, and 1 INT. And of course 29 rushing yards.

It’s still “up in the air” regarding Hurts’s status, but after gaining 1st team reps in the SEA game, then replacing Wentz this week, it’s more than likely the more talented, second-round pick, QB groomed replacement, will get the nod in Week 14. Even though Philly faces NO in Week 14, he’s a hot commodity for a high-quality system & defenses don’t know a lot about defending him. After NO, he gets a date with AZ & DAL. Sign me up!

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