Week 14: Top-Returning Players

By: Scott Mellgren ( @MNSportsGuru93 )

The Fantasy Football regular season has now concluded. With the regular season being fulfilled, comes the sweet taste of victory knowing you have a chance at doing something special in the playoffs. Perhaps, with your team or in some cases the bitter taste of defeat knowing you had what you thought to be a decent team & they underperformed. 

Of course, in some cases the weight being lifted off the proverbial shoulders knowing the horrible team that you had all season long can finally be forgotten about forever… and ever. 

Let’s use this platform to help those with hope still though.  Let’s get into some top players returning this week in the NFL.

  1. Christian McCaffrey

C-MAC and his owners have had a frustrating season.  Departing in Week 2 to return in Week 9 and then get hurt yet again, I am here to give you some glimmer of hope regarding CMAC. 

CMAC practiced on a limited basis before the team’s Week 12 bye and then had the whole bye to get healthy and get right… let me check my calendar, oh indeed it is, just in time for the playoffs!  And just in time to play a banged-up Broncos defense that is giving up just short of 140 yards per game the last three games to RB’s. 

Yes, you read that right, if CMAC plays he should absolutely feast!

*Update–Christian McCaffrey has now suffered a new injury (thigh). It’s unclear if he will play, but all earlier reports pointed towards a C-MAC return to action.

  1. James Conner

After missing last week with COVID-19, Conner is in line to return this week against a Buffalo Bills team that is surrendering 4.7 yards per carry this season. 

Combine that with the fact that Pittsburgh is coming off a loss for the first time this season, I look for Pittsburgh to get back to some sort of balance on offense and use Conner early and often.  Put him in your starting lineups.

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