Week 14: Streaming D/ST Units

By: Chris Robin (Twitter: @detroitbeastie)

Week 14 of the NFL season is important for several reasons. Teams are starting to separate themselves from others. Teams are striving for playoff positioning. There was one more I had in mind and it’s escaping me. Oh! Week 14 is the first round of the playoffs in most fantasy football leagues!

Never underestimate the importance of a good DST! If you’ve been streaming DST this long, I applaud you! That is a game within the game! Enough fooling around! Here are my DST’s I’d prefer to stream in Week 14. I’m going to keep these quick and to the point!

Seattle Seahawks vs  New York Jets
The Seattle defense is awful. Any ranking or numerical stat will tell you this. Yet they have been holding their own as of late. Looking into this match-up it’

s more about the opposing team. The Jets give up around 10.3 fantasy points a game to other DST’s. I’m fully expecting Carlos Dunlap and Jamal Adams to make life even more difficult for Sam Darnold.

Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs
Starting the Dolphins against a team averaging four hundred yards a game is silly! I’m just here to help ease your mind. Do you think the Dolphins can slow down Mahomes and this offense? I wouldn’t bet on it, but crazier things have happened!

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Mike Glennon and the Jaguars have been up and down all season. They also turned the ball over a whopping four times last week! While the Titans have been in the bottom half on defense all season. Well, what gives? The Titans have what it takes to disrupt an already flaky QB. You’re banking on turnovers and maybe a defensive touchdown in this one. Your wish will be granted!

New York Giants vs Arizona Cardinals
The New York Giants DST is climbing the ranks! Can’t believe I just typed that! Last week against Seattle they sacked Russ Wilson five times, grabbed two turnovers, and held Seattle to twelve total points! The Cardinals come in as a top-10 offense. It’s going to be tough sledding but I’m riding the wave with Giants here!

Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys
So, here’s the thing with Cincinnati. They really held the Dolphins in check last week. Was it all short-yardage stops too? While the Cowboys have turned the ball over twenty-three flipping times! The second most in the league this season. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’d like to think they feed the ball to Zeke. When that doesn’t work, they turn to Andy Dalton. Which is exactly what we want! As wild as it sounds, I expect the Bengals DST to be in the DST top-10 in Week 14!

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