Week 15: Top-5 Heisman Candidates

By: Cody Molla (Twitter: @cmolla1)

Week 15 has arrived across College Football Nation! It has been an abnormal season this year with many game cancelations and postponements throughout the CFB year. Many conferences have handled the pandemic differently and implemented rules for each of their teams.

Even if chaos has surrounded the game situations, we will still have a prestigious Heisman Trophy Winner. The Heisman is awarded to the most outstanding player across the nation and is one of the most highly celebrated individual awards.

The Heisman finish line isn’t too far away. This year’s Heisman ballots are due December 21st and the ceremony will be held January 5th.

In the past decade, nine winners have played the quarterback position and 17 of the last 20 have played the QB position. And by no surprise–there are five QBs on the top of the list currently.

This is an absurd year for the Heisman candidates. Some have missed games due to Covid and shortened schedules and it has gotten very tight with one week left to play. The favorites have been narrowed down to two players, Kyle Trask and Mac Jones. Depending on which site you look at, the odds will differ but Trask is considered the favorite on a majority of books.

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