Carson Wentz: 5 Trade Destinations

By: Zach Miller (Twitter: @ZachDea_Ff)

The home-grown QB in Philadelphia, Carson Wentz has had a season to forget season, to say the least. Yet, it is fair to say it has gotten a whole lot dimmer for the Eagles QB getting benched for the QB that annihilated the New Orleans No. One ranked defense: Rookie Jalen Hurts.

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not the Eagles seemingly lost season is really on the shoulders of Carson Wentz. While a lot of people would be quick to say their most recent win without him would answer that question, I don’t share the same optimism.

While I’m no Carson Wentz truther and personally don’t believe he’s the future in Philadelphia, not all of the Eagles problems lay on Wentz’s shoulders. It should be noted that he’s been attached to an absolute blunder of an O-Line unit.

So, If this is the end of the Wentz era in Philly, his contract will pose a huge problem for the Eagles as releasing him before the 2021 season would “incur $60 million in dead cap space”.

So either they have to make him one of the highest-paid bench warmers in history if Hurts continues to be successful or they ought to explore trade options. It’s already been reported by The Spun that “2 Teams Getting Mentioned For A Carson Wentz Trade”.

Some teams may not want to tackle that contract for Wentz right now. Although, we have seen Brock Osweiler get shipped out & his team give away draft picks just to pardon his contract. It is in fact very possible that a team will find the potential, common issues to be dealt with, and configure areas where they can grow the once prominent QB.

There have been conflicting reports that Wentz won’t be traded, but it would be very bizarre if the Eagles just kept a $128 million dollar backup QB if Hurts continues to perform exceptionally well. Philly might hold a strong message about Wentz’s potential & team connection, but Hurts could very well put a lock on the starting job going into the off-season if he continues his pace of quality performances.

If they decide to go down that route here are a few teams that I think would be the utmost frontrunners in the market to acquire a (true) gifted talent in Carson Wentz.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

I’ve surveyed A LOT of Colts football this year and Philip Rivers is definitely still good enough to be a starting caliber QB in the NFL but that time is coming to an end sooner rather than later.

The Colts are pretty much a dream scenario for a Quarterback this offseason: they have an elite defense, a stout O-line, plenty of supporting receiver talent, and a young RB core (J-Taylor).

My favorite move for the Colts to make this offseason would be to go out and get Sam Darnold from the Jets mainly because I think it could cost them less and give them a younger talent, but Wentz is just as likely as an addition.

The Colts are one of the few teams that have a need at QB and the cap space to make a move for Wentz (which is hyperlinked above if you want to look at the numbers) but they are also coached by Frank Reich who was the offensive coordinator for the Eagles when they won the “Super Bowl in 2018”, the same year Wentz was an early frontrunner for MVP.

Reich has seen the talent from Wentz first hand and if he believes in him enough he may be able to push the Colts brass into making a move to go out and get him while they can to give Reich another chance at helping Wentz get back to his 2018 form.

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