Allen Robinson: 5 Landing Spots

By: Cody Molla (Twitter: @cmolla1)

Allen Robinson has eclipsed the 1,000 yards receiving mark for the third time in his career including back-to-back seasons with an outstanding outing in Week 14.

The seventh-year man out of Penn St. has emerged amongst the league’s best wide receivers in the NFL. He plays physical and runs crisp routes with dependable hands and the ability to run after the catch.

His 1,027 total receiving yards, place him Ninth overall in the league right now. He is amongst the league’s best WRs in total big plays, over 20 yards, with 18 total. Kelce leads the league with 21.

Robinson is set to be a free agent in the upcoming NFL season. He will be a highly coveted option around the league. Many teams are aching for a WR and the production Robinson brings is elite.

The casual NFL fan may not know who Allen Robinson is, but “fantasy players”, NFL defensive backs, and defensive coordinators are well aware. Since entering the NFL in 2014 Robinson has totaled 5,576 yards on 441 catches and produced 39 touchdowns in his career.

His yards rank him 20th in the NFL over that span and the touchdowns put him at number 10 over that time. What makes these numbers even more impressive is he missed the entire 2017 season after tearing his ACL early in Week 1 of that year.

Another important note is Robinson has produced with any and every caliber of quarterback in his career. After being drafted by Jacksonville he spent his first four seasons catching passes from Blake Bortles and Chad Henne both no longer starters in the NFL.

Once signing with the Bears he has proven his knee concerns are behind him and has produced with Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles as the primary QBs.

Robinson formerly nicknamed A-Rob prefers to go by the nickname “Old Fashioned”, as he told media ahead of his Week 7 matchup with former teammate Jalen Ramsey who recently got paid.

Robinson will be getting paid as well this offseason. Given the market for WRs, it should be around the 15-20 million dollar per year range given his production and capability.

Just as the self-given name is amongst one of the favorites in bars on a Friday night, Old Fashioned will be ordered up by NFL GMs in the offseason. Here are the top GMS/teams that would best fit Allen Robinson in his near NFL future.

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