Monday Night Preview: Will Belichick Upend Josh Allen?

Monday night brings us an AFC East matchup between the New England Patriots (6-8) and the Buffalo Bills (11-3), a matchup which I’m sure many people at the beginning of the year would have predicted to have huge playoff implications for both teams. While the Patriots have officially been knocked out of the playoffs for the first time since 2008, the Bills have clinched the division title and are turning their focus to a deep playoff run. With all that being said, this is a fantasy football article and we’re in championship week (for most leagues) so let’s break down what this matchup means for your title run.

Can Josh Allen Stay Hot?

At the end of the year, I expect Josh Allen to be in the conversation for fantasy MVP after managers selected him in the later rounds of most drafts and he returned a surefire top-five season. Allen has taken a huge leap forward this year, throwing for thirty touchdowns and only nine interceptions while completing 68.7% of his passes. That’s ten percent higher than his mark last year. While a lot of that is credited to Josh Allen’s personal development, bringing in an elite wide receiver like Stefon Diggs has made a huge difference.

Diggs is having the best year of his career already and they still have two games left to play, I don’t think this is the week to be worried about him or Allen. New England isn’t an easy defense to beat but they are missing their lockdown corner, Stephon Gilmore, this week and I would be playing Diggs either way.

Outside of Diggs, Cole Beasley can be played as well this week as he has had at least ten receptions in four of his last five games and has certainly become a safety valve for Josh Allen. There are talks that John Brown gets activated from IR for this game and if he does that’s great news for Josh Allen giving him his full arsenal of offensive weapons but I don’t think I would play him his first game back from injury. If Brown is out and you need a last-minute start you could do a lot worse than Gabriel Davis who has quietly put up six touchdowns in his rookie year with the Bills, three of which have come in the last four weeks.

Picking which Bills running back will have a better game is tough. Last week it was Devin Singletary as the more valuable play but most of that came on a long garbage-time touchdown run after the game was well out of hand and you can’t bank on that. While both of them can be flexed in this game if you’re desperate, I’d rather start Zack Moss since he gets more of the goal-line touches that aren’t taken by Josh Allen.

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