Pros and Cons of Philadelphia Hiring Adam Gase

By: Joe Pepe (Twitter: @jpep20)

In the NFL during the 2020 season, you can argue that there were no bigger disappointments than the Philadelphia Eagles as a team and Adam Gase as a coach. At the end of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles record was 4-11-1, while Adam Gase led the New York Jets to a dismal 2-14 season. The Eagles decided to part ways with their coach, which was surprising within the NFL. The Jets, as most analysts predicted, parted ways with Adam Gase. 

Fast forward to the present, and one of the rumors that are swirling about the NFL offseason is the pairing of Adam Gase to the Philadelphia Eagles. This article will weigh the pros and cons of Adam Gase becoming the head coach to the Philadelphia Eagles. Personally, as an Eagles fan, this would not be my choice as a head coach for my team. However, playing devil’s advocate allows us to research every possibility for the Philadelphia Eagles’ future. 

Can he be what the Eagles need as a franchise to return to Super Bowl glory? Will he drag the franchise down to the NFL’s basement and replicate his resume from his tenure with the New York Jets? 

Let’s bring Adam Gase into the “NFL courtroom” to determine his fate as the Eagles head coach:

“All rise. Case number 12374 in the matter of the Commonwealth v. Defendant is a status listing. Representing the Commonwealth is Joe “Logically Reasoning” Pepe. Representing the Defendant is Joe ” Trying his best to play Devil’s Advocate” Pepe.

Now that court is in session, let us defend Adam Gase as the Philadelphia Eagles’ next coach. Philadelphia is a town of process. Adam Gase has been quoted in the past, saying, “Be on time and play your butt off. It’s not that hard”. In a blue-collar town, such as Philadelphia, this can resonate with the fan base and ownership. 

Adam Gase could bring the Eagles’ run defense to a better position. Last year the Eagles allowed 125.8 yards per game on the ground, leading them to a 22nd rank run defense). The Jets, who were ranked 12th, allowed 112.4 yards per game and finished the season allowing 108.3 per game during the final three games. Finally, let us remember that the Eagles have prior ties to Adam Gase in the past. 

In 2016, The Eagles were considering Gase before eventually hiring Doug Pederson. This organization sees something in Gase’s process that they think will help drive the Eagles to the next level.

Now that we have defended Adam Gase to the Philadelphia Eagles. Let us prosecute why he would be a terrible hire for Philadelphia. Let’s start with his overall record with the New York Jets over his tenure as head coach. The Jets were 9-23 under Adam Gase. 

New York offense sputtered under Gase, even with the label of a “QB whisper” attached to him. Each of the last two seasons, the New York Jets finished 32nd in total yards. 

He also struggled to connect to his players during his time in New York. Gase had players speak out publicly this past year alone against the team (Jamal Adams, Le’Veon Bell). Alex Lewis also questioned “Gase’s desire to win” this past November, building on to the ever collapsing foundation that was Adam Gase as a coach.

Judges Ruling:

Adam Gase would be a terrible hire for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Even while playing devil’s advocate, building a case for Adam Gase is almost a near-impossible feat. There have been rumors of Howie Roseman, The Eagles GM, being enamored by Adam Gase’s ability to develop a quarterback. Although the Eagles need to build a struggling Carson Wentz, Adam Gase can not live up to this challenge. Some people will point to his time with Peyton Manning; However, anyone with a pair of eyes understands that any success during that time is due to Manning himself and not Gase. 

The Philadelphia Eagles will be better off focusing on a different route for their head coaching vacancy. Adam Gase would bring more questions than an answer to a franchise struggling to answer questions internally.

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