5 Free Agents That Should Be Avoided

By: Benedetto Vitale (Twitter: @vitaletalks)

The NFL playoff race is nearly finished and 28 teams await patiently for the 2021 offseason. The free agency period is scheduled to start in late March, and there are plenty of talented players who will be searching for a new team. 

However, each franchise will be taking a gamble with every player they sign. Every year, someone gets signed and turns out to become a major bust. Last season, the worst signing may have been Vic Beasley signing a deal with the Tennessee Titans. 

Not every decision a general manager makes is going to be a home run. But being able to sign the right players is crucial for each and every franchise. There is also a handful of athletes that will likely be signed that may not be NFL material anymore, or deserve a big contract. Here are my five free agents that should be avoided this offseason. 

Mitchell Trubisky

The Chicago Bears quarterback has had it rough since being drafted in 2017. Mitchell Trubisky has had a roller coaster of a career, and his 2020 season wasn’t much better. After playing just 10 games, Trubisky finished the year with 2,055 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. He was only 67% in completion percentage and averaged 205.5 yards per game. 

There are a lot of rumors in the NFL right now claiming Trubisky is due a large contract. Sure, the Bears won multiple games with Trubisky under center, however, the win percentage is masking Trubisky’s abilities seem better than they are. After four years in the NFL, it’s clear to see that Trubisky is a very average QB. 

If an NFL team chooses to sign Trubisky, they’re basically settling for a QB that only plays well in a certain system. Riley McAtee, a writer for The Ringer, states, “It’s not Trubisky’s fault if he’s playing well in a solid system — and his success in that offense has been valuable to the Bears. But Chicago should be looking for a quarterback who doesn’t just function in their system, but thrives in it.” 

With that said, there will likely be a team that gives Trubisky a big contract. But if they run a system he’s not comfortable in, we’ll be witnessing another Nick Foles situation all over again. It’d be best to avoid Trubisky all together and find a talented rookie in a stacked QB class.

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