Amazon unveils the new Echo Buds with an improved design and better noise cancellation

Echo Buds Return Smaller and More Efficient

Amazon has persisted their efforts to edge out the competition (Apple) by upgrading the Echo Buds with a near-future return. Jeff Bezo’s company guarantees some of the features found in Apple’s $249.99 AirPods Pro.

The Buds will launch on May 13th in “white and black” colors. It’s well reported that these enhanced earpieces will be $99 for the regular model (by pre-ordering), then come in at a standard $119.99 for a version with a wireless charging case (on the launch date).

The new product will be 20% smaller than the preceding earpiece — while still posing a shorten nozzle, vent, and it will retain the IPX4 rating which is very repellant for sweat and water. The case is also reported to be 40% smaller. The two buds will come in two classic colors: Black or Glacier White.

The most polarizing aspect of the new version of the Echo Buds lies in the full active noise cancellation — the company promises 2x of what the original display. No thanks to an expired relationship with Adobe, Amazon went ahead with creating a more resilient noise eliminator. One of the more necessary additions is also in play for the Echo Buds: a VIP filter. It will let you strategically choose what notifications you want to hear aloud.

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