Disney unveiled “real life” lightsaber: how does it work?

Human civilization has witnessed the iPhone 12, virtual reality become a common household appliance and even human missions to Mars post profound progress. Yet, there’s one gift to humanity that every two feet creature hasn’t received from their wildest, childhood dream: a real-life lightsaber. Until now…

During a “Special Look Inside Disney Parks” press conference, Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro unveiled the alive lightsaber in the final moments of the presentation. This moment stunned the crowd, as it should — the first “real” jedi was in appearance.

This lightsaber isn’t intended as a droid-slashing weapon or a device that demands intense swamp training lessons. Nonetheless, this is the niftiest craft to come out of the Star Wars realm and then transition to real-life pleasure. Even though the display gains volumes of astonishing impressions, this isn’t a lightsaber that has “likely” been composed of an alien-like technology, or perhaps a long-drawn-out design carried out across centuries. At the very core, the concept is based on a tape measure.

How did the internet and Star Wars clan come to the conclusion that a tape measure may be the recipe for such a piece of work? Well, Twitter did its thing – as did the Star Wars nerds. Ben Ridout, who’s a VR and AR developer, laid out brief animation videos in a thread, which explain how the lightsaber could operate.

To put a very simplistic verdict on its functions, the saber may be a retractable, circular-like ruler. There would be two rulers, which are in unison and support each other when extended. The rulers would perform a circular action by being in curvature. Ridout’s intriguing theory is arguably the top explanation for how the mysterious saber comes to life in front of our sci-fi-addicted eyes.

It’s a near guarantee that Disney will come with a fruitful expense of sabers for the public to enjoy. These toys will undoubtebly be one of the hottest commodities on the market across many countries. George Lucas’s creation of the Star Wars franchise will continue to inspire the many (?) generations to come.

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